Download Sims 4 Custom Music Plus mod 2020 & Guide for How To Add

While playing the virtual reality kind of came we all love to play our favorite music. The Sims 4 custom music allows you to play your music in the game. it lets you add your music on the already existing radio stations, which are sorted by genre.

Here we have described briefly how to put custom music in sims and issues related to custom music sims below.

how to add custom music to sims 4?

First, choose which songs you want to play in the game. The songs must be of.MP3 file and not larger than 320kb/s. 

Open your game’s “Custom Music” folder. This folder will be located at C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Custom Music on windows. There will be seven sims radio station and you can put your sims custom music into one of them. Just paste your folder of songs into one of the stations. also, you can download Sims 4 custom music mod from the below link.

now just start your game and check out if the sims custom music works properly by selecting the station in which you have added your favorite music.

also, you can check sims 4 dance mod from this link.

Sims custom music not working

Sims 4 custom music

Sometimes your downloaded music won’t play in custom music. Here are some points that may help you to get out of this problem. 

Please confirm that all the music files are.MP3 type and not larger than 320kb/s. Any of the song names should not contain apostrophes. Also check out your Sims 4 custom files, if any of them is not corrupted. please note that in live mode there are 3 volume types low, high, and medium. if your music is playing too low then you can change it to high or medium by going to the “Game Setting” menu.