Download Sims 4 Custom Music Plus mod 2022 & Guide for How To Add

You may change your character’s appearance in The Sims 4, but you can also change their personality, interests, and job. One of the most enjoyable skills is adding music. To learn how to teach your Sims to make music, keep reading.

The Sims allows you to play with your own music. Custom radio stations are not possible, so they must be placed in the folder of an existing radio station.

Here we have described briefly how to put custom music in sims and issues related to custom music sims below.

How to add custom music to sims 4?

  1. Find the music you’re looking for. You can only play the game with.mp3 files that are no greater than 320kbit/s.
  2. Go to the Custom Music folder. Your Custom Music folder will be located in Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Custom Music (regardless of whether you’re on Windows or Mac) if you installed your game in the default location.
  3. Select the station where you want the song to play. There will be various folders in the Custom Music folder that match to the radio genres. Choose any folder you want; it doesn’t have to be the same as the song’s genre.
    1. If you want a song to play on the Pop station, for example, you’d set it in Custom Music > Pop.
    2. Putting music directly into the Custom Music folder, as well as creating a new folder, will not function. You’ll need to choose a genre that already exists.
  4. Copy the file(s) and paste them into the genre subfolder. Right-click the subdirectory in the Custom Music folder and select Paste, or press Ctrl+V (Cmd+V on a Mac). The copied file(s) should appear in the folder.
  5. Begin your game. To test whether your music works, save a file, switch on the stereo, and select the appropriate channel. To hear the song, you may need to adjust the volume on the stereo.


Some players can visit Game Settings and then choose the Music tab to find and test their personalized music. Other gamers, on the other hand, claim that the file does not appear or appears with a blank name. If this occurs to you, try it out on your stereo.

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Sims custom music not working

Sims 4 custom music

Sometimes your downloaded music won’t play in custom music. Here are some points that may help you to get out of this problem. 

Please confirm that all the music files are.MP3 type and not larger than 320kb/s. Any of the song names should not contain apostrophes. Also check out your Sims 4 custom files, if any of them is not corrupted. please note that in live mode there are 3 volume types low, high, and medium. if your music is playing too low then you can change it to high or medium by going to the “Game Setting” menu.

If anything isn’t working or moving slowly, it could be due to a faulty mod or CC. If something no longer works or even stops your game from working, you may check out the whole list and even contribute by submitting something to the forum if you detect something is broken.

With the help of modifications, you’re now ready to start adding wonderful new music to The Sims 4!


Do not change, delete, or create new Music folders; the game can only read directories that it has been trained to read. If you wish to make a new radio station, you’ll need to use FreeTime’s custom radio stations in-game.

The game cannot read any audio files other than.mp3 and.wav (for example,.m4a).