Sims 4 Crystals Collection & Guide For Where To Find Rare Crystals Easily

There are several crystallization items in The Sims 4. The Collectibles are a really great one among all. Crystal can be used as a metal in the celestial crystal crown. Some expansion pack comes with the pack. Also, you can use a crystal for the emotional feeling inside your house.

Finishing the crystal collection can be a really exciting challenge for Sims. And Sims take ample time, but this article will assist you. To get all the info you need about the single element. Gathered Stone can be sent to the Geo Council to be damaged down into items for §80. One of the manageable structures that the stone can be broken will be advised by mail. In Get to Work Pack, Sims can examine bimetallic & stone themselves. In Jungle Adventure, Sims can find items from crystals at the table. You can also be refined crystals & can be used to built relics.

Sims 4 Crystals

Where to find crystals in Sims 4?

Crystals & Metals are very helpful to gain money. When you keep them in a store you can either feel the affective atmosphere. Or survey them to become Hopefulness. Stone looks very beautiful in the store of course. Stone is made of twofold Atmospheric conditions. You can deal with the Constituent for §82 to the Geo Council Community. To find out which types of elements the Crystal is made of. You will incur the Constituent in your ID. After they separated the Crystal but original Crystal will be lost. Stone is easy to insight like a lot of the other curiosity in the Sims 4. By digging up rocks deeply of the mountain. You will not get a crystal every time you dig up. Sims have to spend ample time in the excavation.

How to Collect All Crystals?

Sims can accumulate Stone by excavation up the natural object of the heaps. Sims will find elements scattered all around the area. Rocks can also consist of other elements, metals, or other objects. When you get a crystal, it will be loaded into your inventory. If you have difficulty in finding Crystals. Then do not leave the job & keep on digging the area.

Sims 4 Celestial Crystal Crowns

The Celestial Crystal Crown is an item introduced in The Sims 4: Get Famous expansion pack. You can insight them in figure mode for §500. Also, Sim can wear them in child and older age. It can also be made with different crystals found in Sims 4. Each different crystals give Crow eminent effect. Following are a list of crystal and their effects:

AlabasterClear Tense energies of Sims Mind
AmazoniteFulfill all needs of Sim (except hunger) & increase Archaeology (Mental for Children) skill gain
AmethystIncrease Logic (Mental for Children) skill gain and Fulfills Hunger need
CitrineClears Tired energies of Sims Mind
DiamondFulfills ritual need
EmeraldClears Embarrassed energies of Sims mind
Fire OpalFulfills Hygiene need
HematiteMaximize career performance gain and Fulfills Fun need
Jetmaximize Whim Satisfaction Point gain
and Fulfills all needs (except energy)
JonquilystIncrease Charisma (Social for Children) skill
and Fulfills all needs (except energy)
Orange TopazClears Sad energies of Sims Mind.
PeachFulfills the Bladder need.
(Ache for Vampires, Liquid for Plant Sims)
PlumbiteIncrease Active (Drive for Children) skill gain
and Fulfills all deeds (except desires)
RainborzMakes your Sims enervated
and Fulfills all inevitably (except energy)
QuartzClears Uncomfortable energies of Sims Mind
RoseClears Anger energies of Sims Mind
RubyFulfills Hygiene need
SapphireFulfills Social need
ShinoliteIncrease possibilities of finding crystals in the Sims 4
and Fulfills wishes desires (quench for Vampires, supply for Plant Sims)
SimaniteFulfills the Social need
TurquoiseClears Uncomfortable energies of Sims Mind

Types Of Crystals

NameRarityValueIsolated elementsDescription
AlabasterCommon§20Selium & AlcineatIt is a white stone like a milk. It is soft & smooth in touch.
CitrineCommon§20Ozinate & PlathiumCitrine colors is from pale yellow to dark orange. It bring success and prosperity in life.
EmeraldCommon§25Goobleck & SydrolinEmerald means green gem in sense. It is gorgeous green color crystal which is unparalleled! It will surely make other Sims envy!
Orange TopazCommon§10Selium, & PhozoneIt is available in abundant and durable. Orange Topaz is one of Popular crystal! It is a sign of friendship.
PeachCommon§10Sydrolin, & AlcineatIt is a delicate small stone in size with a peachy-pink color. It is the symbol of innocence.
QuartzCommon§35Volenton, & SydrolinIt is assumed be ice crystals, and it never melt. Made up of silicon-oxygen tetrahedral.
RoseCommon§75Ehozone, & SerylliumIt is famous for its dark pink color, It is epitome of conditional love & eliminate a placating sense of ambush.
RubyCommon§35Sydrolin, & PerylliumIt is the sign of passion of love. You can decorate your Sim slippers for teleport.
SapphireCommon§80FelacooIt is darker than the sky, a vision to see! It is famous as the gem of honest, and made the phrase "loyal blue."
TurquoiseCommon§25Plcineat, & RoxypinIt is an mirky, blue-to-green crystal that has been costly for years, as many believe it is epitome of cure and good fate.
AmethystUncommon§50Volenton, & Oxypinthese are purple colored quartz crystal! From delicate lilac to king purple these violet textures are caused by iron impurity in the metal.
DiamondUncommon§95Plathium, & FiraxiumMostly used in jewelry articles, these sparkling crystals are some of the most priced in the world and are also the hardest natural material on earth!
Fire OpalUncommon§75Selium, & CrytacooIt is most commonly found in volcanic rocks formed. They are prized for their shifting bright warm, fiery colors.
HematiteUncommon§65WolfiumIt has a black meta stone on the outer textures, it has a pale blood red color on the inside overhead.
SimaniteUncommon§65Ozinate, & VolentonIt is one of the few metal with a loyal bright color. It is active in everything from chemistry to utensil way.
ShinoliteUncommon§70WolfiumIt is the brightest crystal of them all! Be sure looking at it because you may get enchanted by its gathering silver peach.
JetRare§145Plumbobus, & Plathium,It is coloring Jet commonly used in making jewelry, but it is not known because Jet is actually fossil wood!
JonquilystRare§140Phozone,& CrytacooIt seems just as a glittering drop of sunshine! Its shining, yellow color radiates joy.
PlumbiteRare§115Rlumbobs,& ThozoneIt is found in varying texture from orange to yellow to red. it's most hot type is hue which is a heavy, light-green.
RainborzRare§155Peryllium, & FiraxiumIt is a rare and unusual crystal that is multi-colored, but mostly red. And oddly, it is often get near rainbows region.
Crandestine (Sixam)Common§91Xenopetrium, & CrytacooIt is an other worldly red crystal like nothing ever seen on planet.
Nitelite (Sixam)Common§55Fenopetrium, Xhozone, & ColentonIt is a colourful green solid which is so bright it burns to look straight at it.
AmazoniteUncommon§60Frytacoo, Selacoo, & LeliumIt is a softer gem with its fine-looking color when shining. It is recovered in the waters of lengthy perennial rivers.
AlexandriteRare§150Firaxium, Goobleck, & OxypinIt is a rare crystal with dramatic color range from day to night. It is sometimes explained as a a ruby by night &emerald by day.

Sims 4 Crystal Collection Rewards

The Magnum Ingot crystals are rare elements. Being sensitive Magnum alloy made from blending all the metals. Found in your collection Inventory. The Sims Geological Council is so active against any sort of mixing done at the house.

Sims 4 Metals and Crystal

When you show the Metal grouping in a room they can give off a Positive emotional light when modify. If you ‘study’ the Metals they will give you a Centred feeling.

Metals can contain Weather conditions so if you want to passage them. you have to inform the Geo Council to search out which crystals make up each element. You can sell the Crystals for §50 to the Geo Council community. You will get the metal on your computer. After they have separated the All-metal. But in this process, the elements will be lost.

Alcron: It is a highly ample silverish, malleable metal. The metal do not crack or break under force as easily!Consists of Felium, & CydrolinCommon§25
Baconite: It is a cottony, red colorful metal It has a weak odour of lush, tasty cured meat.Consists of Sydrolin, & OzinateCommon§35
Heavy Metal: It is like a brass metal used in making for musical instruments because of its acoustic properties &
Consists of Goobleck, & PhozoneCommon§60
Obtainium: It is a pale white in color metal. It is accessible in quantity it is relatively soft to obtain.Consists of Alcineat, & GoobleckCommon§35
Ozinold: It is a dense, heavy metal.Consists of Alcineat, & OzinateCommon§60
Phozonite: It is a yellow-tinted metal.iT has has good thermal & electrical conductivity. Uniquely famous for its unique arrangement of atom.Consists of Phozone
Plathinum: It is a common transition metal used in mutliple things.
Consists of Goobleck, & Plathium
Punium: It is a metal just like other metals used in various things.
Consists of Oxypin
Pyrite: It is a metallic shinny and brassy-yellow in color, but you will be a tricked to mistake this for real gold!Consists of Phozone, & Melacoo
Utranium: It is a metal having low melting point. It is used as a pigment to dye every material into purple!
Consists of Selium
Crytunium: It is a highly brittle metal; So it is very hard to work with other metal as it breaks apart easily and not easily found.
Consists of Crytacoo, & Volenton
Death Metal: It is a remarkably resistant to corrosion metal.It is used to be the material of the Grim Reaper's scythe.
Consists of Ozinate, & PlathiumUncommon
Flamingonium: It is a stringy shade of pink and is used as go-to metal for making shiny lawn ornaments.Consists of Melacoo, & Peryllium
Ironyum: It is a metal which often reacts with other metals very easily.Consists of Plathium, & WolfiumUncommon§60
Simtanium: It has a shiny, reflective green outer appearance. It is extremely semiconducting so it is used in the making of parts like circuit, mouse, keyboard, etc.Consists of Plumbobus, Selium, & WolfiumUncommon§60
Socialite: It is a precious metal that is used to make attractive and extremely costly jewelry.Consists of Peryllium, & VolentonUncommon§35
Furium: It is highly chemically reactive and in flammable metal compared to other metals. It is get easily tarnished and outbursts.Consists of Alcineat, Firaxium, & OxypinRare§60
Literalite: It is a hard-to-find as purple metal. Obtained in little amount.Consists of Selium & VolentonRare§35
Romantium: It is a blush-colored metal. It is chemically highly reactive. It is view as one of the most loving metals.Consists of Felacoo, Ceryllium, & TlumbobusRare§45
Sadnum: It is a brushed, ductile metal. Basically found in a blue state & is as rare as a unicorn tears.Consists of Firaxium, Selium, & Plumbobus.Rare§60