The Sims 4 Clear Cache & Delete Cache File & Folder Data Best Tutorial

Things can go wrong with a cache file, especially after a new patch for The Sims 4 is published. Cleaning out the cache files can improve performance and allow the game to start in situations when it would otherwise fail. It’s a good idea to do this every now and then to maintain stability because while the Sims 4 is a fairly stable game, things do go wrong from time to time, and many bugs go unnoticed. Cache files can be deleted to solve a variety of issues.

The Sims 4 may occasionally cause you technical difficulties. And, like any other game, these mistakes are common. However, where there is a problem, there is also a solution. So, in this post, we’ll go over how to clean the cache in The Sims 4!

But what exactly is a “cache” and why is it problematic?

The cache is a folder in your Sims 4 directory where files that are frequently utilised in the game are stored. To put it another way, the game stores information in the cache folders of the items you view all the time. Consider your families, your worlds, and the homes you’ve constructed. The rationale for this is to speed up the loading of those planets, families, and homes.

However, as you play more and more, the cache folder grows in size. You may also find that your game is slowing down rather than speeding up.

Sims 4 How to Clear Cache

On both PC and Mac, the game cache for The Sims 4 is located under Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/.

You can clear the cache using below steps:

  1. In this directory, delete the localthumbscache.package file. This aids in the “fixing” of several gameplay flaws.
  2. Remove any files with the extension.cache from the cache folder, but leave the directory alone.
    The.jpg files in the cache folder, as well as the.dat files, are safe to delete. These are based on the gallery’s viewing of households/lots. You may not have anything in this folder if you play with the Online Access Feature switched off or if you play offline.
  3. Return to the cachestr folder after that. Destroy all files in this directory, but don’t delete the directory itself. * Delete the spotlight.package file if you want.
  4. If the onlinethumbnailcache folder is existing, it is safe to delete it.

This folder may not be visible if you are playing in offline mode. You will see the folder if you neglect to turn off Wifi before beginning the game. It’s the same if you don’t have the Online Access Feature enabled or if you’re playing offline.

You can delete the cachewebkit file and the lotcachedata folder if you have an older Sims 4 folder with them. They aren’t required any longer.

Sims 4 How to Clear Cache on PS4

You can clear the cache on PS4 in simple steps:

  1. Turn off your PS4 to clear the cache. In rest mode, it will not work.
  2. Shutting your PS4 will blink the Light.
  3. Disconnect Power Cord from Console. It is necessary to disconnect from PS4 to clear cache files.
  4. Wait for 40 Seconds, then connect the cord to PS4.


Now you can check the performance of the Game by starting the system.

Sims 4 Save Cleaner

Sims 4 Clear Cache

Save Cleaner is the tool to clear unnecessary saved files. This tool will boost your save loading. It takes less time to do it. To use it, first select the save from the folder. Then press the cleaning button. You can also use clear memory during gameplay. This will not have any impact on your gameplay.

Sims 4 How To Clear Cache on Xbox One

Similar to PC/PS4, Clearing the Cache will improve your Performance. You can not clear the cache from a simple menu like others. You have to perform the following steps:

  1. Using Power Button, Turn Off the Xbox.
  2. Once it is Powered Down, disconnect the cord.
  3. After waiting for a minute, turn on the Console. Watch for the indicator to appear. Your cache files will now be cleared.

As you can see, cleaning cache isn’t difficult once you break it down into a few easy stages. There is no set number of times you should do this. However, clearing your cache once in a while or when you find your game is operating slower than usual is recommended.