How To Become Sims 4 Celebrity And Get Famous & Download Mod 2020

Sims 4 can also raise their Celebrity Status in the town by getting Stars. Sims can be a Stardom Actor in acting Career. Indulge your Sim in the path of Fame. Sims can gain worldwide acclaim from Studio to the VIP party. Sims4 can customize and Show off their luxury Style.

Sims 4 Celebrity Cheat

Your Sim can become a superstar in a few seconds using cheats. Cheat Codes adjust your celebrity level, fame, or reputation quirks. You can increase your fame in five Steps:

  1. First, open the cheat console pressing Control + Shift + C.
  2. Enter testingcheats.true and press enter.
  3. You can open more options pressing Shift + Click on Sim.
  4. Now adjust the celebrity level, fame, or reputation quirks. Go to the Public Image section to view level.
  5. Press the Increase the Celebrity Level to give an extra star.

Sims 4 Get Famous Pack


Get Famous Pack in Sims 4 adds the Fame feature for Sims. The Pack makes your Sims in Public Eye. The Get famous Pack is Similar to Celebrity Status Pack. Video production Skills help your Sim to gain Fame. There are many ways to gain Fame points:

  1. Gain Random Fame opportunity of any career.
  2. Finish Gigs in actor Career.
  3. Using Scientific methods.
  4. Obtaining rewards from any career.
  5. Playing Horror or romantic Scenes in Public.
  6. Making sketches of Sims in Public.
  7. Playing Guitar or Pipe Organ in Public.
  8. Win different game Tournaments.

How to Become Celebrity in Sims 4?

Sims 4 Celebrity

There are several ways to become a celebrity. As your Sim progresses you will become more famous. The celebrity system is a combi of Character Values and vampire ranks. Sims can gain reputations or Fame depending on their actions. This will also decide the rewards they will get. Media Production Skills or Acting Career helps your Sim to become a celebrity. The Fame Stars in-game contribute towards Celebrity Status. Career Panel will show you daily Auditions or Gigs. Sims have the option to play a role safely or play it risky. 

Sims 4 No Fame Decay

No Fame decay mod also works with old patches with the realm of magic. Get Famous Pack is needed to install. There are four different mods to slow down or freeze your fame. They are as follows:

  1. Claudiasharon – This for No fame decay. The Fame of Sims will never decay. Your Sim will stay at their current level with never go down.
  2. Claudiasharon – Slower Fame Decay by 50%. Your Sims fame will decay by 50% than the default.
  3. Claudiasharon – Faster fame Decay X2. your Sims fame will decay two times faster than the default.
  4. Claudiasharon – Faster Fame Decay X4. your Sims fame will Decay four times faster than the default.

Select only mod package at a time otherwise, they will clash.

Sims 4 Celebrity Home

The Homes of Celebrity in Sims can be download from Sims Resources. The Celebrity Homes are fully furnished with a lavish interior. The celebrity homes will cost you around 16000 Simoleons. The Home comes with 3 Bedrooms and 2 Bathrooms. The Celebrity House gives you a big kitchen area, dining room, Study room, gym, BBQ, and eating Area. You can also add a swimming pool or garden outside the Lot.

Sims 4 Celebrity Traits

As your Sims gains Fame the Sims will start gaining new Traits at a certain level. These Traits are based on the behavior of Sims. You can remove Traits by drinking B-Gone reward potion or using Crystal Crown. If your famous Sim needs juice always. Then it is difficult to remove traits. The Traits of a celebrity can not be removed permanently. If your famous Sim needs juice always. Then it is difficult to remove traits