Make Magical Sims 4 Castle in Sky & how to speed build & Best Royal CC

Living in fairy tale Medieval castle of Sims 4 is an amazing experience. The Castle is full of Hidden Treasure, Adventure, and secret passages.

This is surrounded by florists, cottage, and woodworking shops. Castle has a mini village in front of the gate. Castle has also secret caves for Exit.

Sims 4 Castle Build

Building an inspired Castle is very challenging in Sims 4. First, the foundation is needed to build. The rectangular area is a good way to build the Castle.


Build balconies, caves, and passages. Start layer proofing of Castle in different styles. End up with the essence of fairy tale castle.

Sims Castle Blueprint

Sims 4 Castle

Castle Blueprint is a tool that allows the player to lay rooms to form a floor plan. The rooms can be utilized in complete Castle. Once the rooms are placed they cannot be move. It can only be filtered by Content Pack or Custom Content. The eyedropper and create a styling tool will disable during Blueprint Mode.

Sims 4 Royalty CC

The Royal Palace is an important place in the Kingdom of Sims. So it fulfills the need of your Sims Royal family. The Royal Castle must include Master Bedroom, Study, Kitchen, Ensuite Bathrooms, Nursery, etc. The additional facility rooms like Castle Chapel, Library, Ballroom, Royal Gardens, etc.

Sims 4 Castle Floor Plans

Floor Plan is needed to build the Castle in Sims 4. Floor Plans must fit the area of the structure where a castle is to build. The Floor Plans include the locations of Bedrooms, Kitchen, Bathroom, Dining area, etc. Floor Plans also has the outside facilities included. The Custom Content pack is required for Floor Plan.

Sims 4 Gallery

The gallery is the online Custom Content Pack of Sims 4. The gallery is used to share Sims, rooms, Buildings with other Sims. This is also you to add other player content in Game. In Sims 4, Gallery is fully integrated and can be accessed from the Website.