Sims 4 Cas Background With blob Remover Custom Content Download

Sims 4 Cas Background is inspired by military career and strange Ville game. So, When you download Cas Background that has a Little bit essence of that game. It replaces the main background with a cas background. And then it will remain as the default background in the game.

Also, you can download additional files also it comes with the urban sim 4 cc. At a time it will give you a package in one folder. When you download to make sure have to put in the mods folder.

Sims 4 Cas Background Room

Sims 4 Cas Background room is like a trial room. When you get it from the clothes mod. Use Background rooms to check whether it is fitted with the characters or not.

Background room pack is available in various sources so that you can freely download it. For your sim large background room. It will create more space for your room.


In Cas Background there is various color choices are available. And Sims Cas Background Pastel is one of the choices for the mod.  Cas Background Solid Color is also there. Popular color choice is white cas background so, we will in the next portion.

Sims 4 Cas Background

Sims Cas Background Blob Remover

When you choose cas background file it will come up with the pastel BG and rainbow BG. You can see this underneath the sims feet.

To clean view of the portion you have to remove blob. For that Cas Background, Blob Remover helps you to remove it.

White Cas Background

Apply a white background behind your Sims with using White Cas Background. When you apply White Cas Background it will remain as the default background.

For shadowing, you have Sims 4 Cas Background Urbanisms. The collection of the background is available with Sims Cas Background Galaxy. Cas Background aesthetic and ombre are also an essential part of the play.

Sims 4 CAS background peach

In Sims 4 Blob Remover Mod, You need to take over the CAS Background feature. In Single Piece Background peach are available, and that patch is easy to use in the Sims 4 Game. For Body, Slider, Presets, and many adventures place you can use Sims 4 CAS Background Peach.

How do you expand CAS in Sims 4?

To Expand CAS in Sims 4 Which means you have to increase the rows and columns of the CAS. In the First Step go for the Patreon Page, and then click on the bottom on the files. Just one click you can expand the columns and rows in the CAS In Sims. That’s how you can Expand CAS in Sims 4.