Sims 4 Career Mod Free Download For PC

Sims 4 careers mods are too easy to download and they are lots in the collection. The sims 4 game has a vast collection of mods and they all are very interesting. Also, new and updated mods constantly served to their players in sims 4. If you want to set up your virtual career then you can do it in sims 4. There are different mods available for different types of careers.

In this article, we have listed some career mods from sims 4 active careers mod collection that you can download easily.


Engineering Career Mod

Sims 4 mod careers category had not much engineering mods available earlier. Then noticed this thing and came up with awesome engineering mods for sims 4. This mod has main 4 branches and your sim can choose anyone from it. There are electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering and chemical engineering branches are available.

sims 4 careers mod

United Nations Career

If your wish is to advocate the process on an international stage in the game. For entry-level sims, the united states are seeking them to work with member states regarding environmental issues and security of food. Here,  Health, Food, and Agriculture Specialist and Environment and Climate Change Specialist two tracks are available. This one of the exciting sims 4 careers mod. You can get a salary from §10/h to §487/h or §352/h.

Part-time Entertainer Career

This one is part-time sims 4 playable careers mod. Here, you can work on shifts which are of 3 hours. The shifts can be scheduled for late afternoon or in the nighttime for the GT DJ branch. No morning shifts are available in this mod but If you are interested in making your sim’s career with a part-time job then this sims 4 career mod is cool.

Also, you like modeling career, teacher career, dancer career, dancer career, firefighter career.