Download Sims 4 Butler Mod 2022 Latest 2.0.1V Update Hire More Butler

The presence of butlers can ensure a household’s proper operation because they are an essential component of the household sphere. As a result, the Sims 4 Butler mod has been added to the game to enable your characters to use a few helping hands rather than complete tasks on their own. Read more to understand how it works.

A fortuitous butler would be allocated to your dwelling, who would look after its cleanliness and sanitation. Gardening, scrubbing, or repairing cracked stuff, you title it, and they’d proceed with it.

All your troubles regarding the chaos in your household would be the stuff of the past.

Butler Mod Sims 4

Now you know what is Butler, and how to tackle them. You have a guide too, by applying certain steps you will know how to hire a butler and Where to hire a butler so you can get the most from them.


Butler for hire is like an open process where you can get all types of butlers, according to your requirement you can hire in a fixed amount. To pay them you have game money.

In this manner, the butler mod enables the performer to alter your butler’s behavior completely. Additionally, you can still employ additional butlers as needed for your amenity. However, in order for this module to function flawlessly and without any previous bugs, you must own The Sims 4 Vintage Glamour Stuff DLC; otherwise, the issue would persist.

Sims 4 Butler mod

Sims 4 Perfect Nanny Mod

A basic requirement for Sims 4 Nanny mod is Sims 4 better butler, and you will get it through glamorous DLC. 

In Nanny Mod you have to deal with Sims better butler. And then you have to put all your efforts into matching the behavior of nannies. Sim character has to change the diapers of babies as well. 

With this modification, a nanny that is hired will be responsible for looking after a baby, toddler, and child, NOT an adult!

Anything unrelated to his or her tasks will be forgotten by the babysitter.

When they:

Cook (once), Change Baby, Talk With Kids, Mentor Kids (Homework, Swimming), CleanUp, Feed Baby, Feed Kids, Play With Baby, Play With Kids, and Help Toddler are some more household chores.

They won’t do:

Socialize with family members, watch TV, read a book, and do anything else that is enjoyable in the home.

Sims 4 Servent Mod

Sims servant mod is a sub-mod of butler mod. As you read the above portion and now you know you just have to put the Sims as per behavior, the same case with Sims 4 servant mod. 

Follow these guidelines to take action via optional add-ons if you are concerned about hiring more than one butler.

Select Phones when you arrive at the Household Grade. For the Pie Menu, you may employ four more butlers. 

However, if you employ more butlers from your family’s working category, you should give them more beds than the ones that come with the house.

Follow the instructions below if you wish to get rid of the extra butlers:

  1. Navigate to the Management Menu under Sim>Butler.
  2. Decide to “Cancel xx Butler.”
  3. If you want to cancel the butler’s services, dial the “cancel xx butler” engagement number instead.

Live-in nanny in Sims 4

As the name implies, a nanny may remain in your home and assist you both in a disrespectful ma’am. They wouldn’t be bothered by anything that wasn’t related to their jobs.

Responsibilities of a nanny

A live-in maid must perform a number of tasks while working in a home. Here is a list of them for your reference:

  1. Preparing meals
  2. Talking to you while still playing with children.
  3. Change the diapers on the child.
  4. Feeding the infants and children
  5. Guiding the students through their task