Sims 4 Birthday Cake Update With Custom Content & Blowing out Candles

Bake nine types of Cake in Sims 4. Sims need to bake a Birthday Cake for hosting the birthday party. Sims 4 can bake on their own or can order from Bakery. also, Sims can bake Chocolate, White, and hamburger Cake. Baked Cake will appear in Inventory and then Put Candles on it.

Sims 4 Birthday Party

Birthday Party of Sim is celebrated one time in a year. Sims can celebrate more than one Birthday party on the same day. The minimum needs for the Birthday Party are Birthday Cake, Music, Games, etc. Sims get a Gold medal for hosting a Birthday Party and filling Social bar.

How to Make A Birthday Cake In Sims 4?

Sims can bake a Cake at home. First, go to the fridge and click the cooking option. Based on your cooking skill the food items will pop up. Select the type of cake you want to bake. If Sims possess Gourmet Skills then Sims can bake a Gourmet cake.


Sims 4 Birthday Cake Candles

Birthday cake with candles is important for Sims Birthday Party. For putting candles over the cake, Sims need cake. Blowing out Candles will age up the toddlers. So it is necessary to have Birthday Candles on Cake. 

Sims 4 Birthday Cake

Sims 4 Birthday Party celebrate

For Hosting a Birthday Party use your Phone and click on a social event. Also, make sure you have Bake a Birthday Cake. Click on the birthday party on the phone to get more options. You will receive who you want to invite and whom the birthday is for. Now you can select the Sims whom you want to Invite. You can select more than One Sims for a Birthday party. Now chose the venue where you want to celebrate a Birthday party. You can also invite Guests to handle the Party.