Download Sims 4 Beanie mod With Best New 2020 CC For male & female

Do you know about Beanie, Not in Game but in real life? Many of you have to wear Beanie in the winter days. To protect your character from cold Sims Brings you new mod in the game, Sims 4 Beanie mod is the name of this new mod. Here we explored the uncovered side of the beanie Mod, which includes Latest Updates, Types of Beanie, and many relevant things. 

The good thing about the Sims 4 Beanie Mod is Sims 4 Hats mod gives you liabilities to use this mod under them. So, if you have installed Sims 4 Hats Mod, then you can use this Mod. 

Sims Beanie cc

Sims 4 Beanie cc gives you many options to use it in the Sims 4 Game. You can find Sims Male Beanie, Female Beanie, Adult Beanie, and Child Beanie. In Sims  Beanie cc you will compile the Beanie on your Character head. also, you can download this mod in a single click for link.


Sims 4 cc resource will always be caught up in the large storage and showroom of the things. The cc things in Sims 4 are always free to use. To get fun of these you have to download cc. 

Sims 4 Maxis Match Beanie

Download Sims 4 Beanie mod With 2020 Custom ContentSims 4 Beanie mod

If you do not find any interesting from the given categories then you can be made Beanie Yourself. Yes, Sims Hats and Beanie Mod keep you updated if you use Sims Maxis Match Beanie.

Maxis Match is a large library of the Beanie Mod, Where you get all material that is required to make Beanie. The Slogan of the Maxis Match “Bean There Done There” states such creating things right there. So, Adding Sims Beanie cc on your folder and start to use it. It’s easy to get going with this.