Sims 4 Basement Mod With Create Dream Customs Basement & Ideas

Sims 4 Comes with New build mode function of Basements. You can add 2 Additional floors using the Basement tool. For this, your Underground Structure must have stairs. You can do this in two ways: Open Basement or Split Basement.

Sims 4 Basement Stairs

Once we build the Upper level, we have to build stairs to reach New levels. Stairs are built from the lower floor and remove tiles for a stairwell. We can build Stairs from outside also. You can select different stairs styles from the menu.

After selecting place it at the right location. Sims 4 add a floor for narrow stairs and remove floor for wide stairs. You also need space for Stairs for higher walls.

Sims 4 How to Build Basements

Building Basement in Sims 4 is not difficult. You can do this in two ways. First is to choose Walls and Empty Rooms by selecting the Basement tool. Using tools, draw your basement and drag out the room size. This tool is Handy and works in the same way as a custom room tool.


Second is build different rooms on the level you want. You can add or remove ceilings and walls. You can easily remove the floor from the upper basement than the lower level.

Sims 4 Making Basement deeper

You can build basements deeper up to 2 levels in Sims 4. They follow the same rules of height as in floors above ground. So you have to alter height only. You can remove the ceiling from the bottom floor. And then build two levels deep basement. This will give your basement a deep, giant and dramatic look.

Sims 4 Open Basements Stairs

Sims 4 Basement

You can have an open pit in your basement. You just have to remove the ceilings from your basement and you can remove ceilings in following steps:

  1. Draw a Basement and must be selected or highlighted.
  2. Press Page Up and use the game control.
  3. The outline of the Basement will be visible. Select Yellow line ad removes ceilings.
  4. You have a pit/Open Basement now.

Sims 4 Basement Door Ideas

Doors are usually One or Two per home in Sims 4. So doors are easy to get in basements. Doors are placed at special Exits and Entrances.

You can select doors and windows from the catalog. If you have to build the back door then try to find the same as of front. But the back door should be understated. You can add ribbon on a box in front of the exterior trim and foundation trim.

Sims 4 Basement Drugs

Basement Drugs are fully functional drugs. These drugs are related to the activities of Sims 4. The Basement mod features custom animations, addiction, hangovers, etc. You can also change moods, needs, walk styles, etc of Sims. Basement drugs are compatible with the TS4 game patch. The mod adds virtual flavor in Sims 4 to make it real.