Download Sims 4 Bank Mod & New Features Update In SNB & SNB

Sims 4 Bank Mod is a Base Mod to boost the financial system of Game. This mod allows you to access bank by phone, do automatic transfers ad check accounts. Mod aims to maintain Sim’s Financials.

Sims 4 Loan Mod

Loan Mod permits your Sim to apply for Loan from SN Bank. You can apply for a Loan from a computer where you can select the amount. After selecting the amount, you will get Loan in the Inventory. Your sim will have to pay a loan in two ways:

  1. Full payment with no interest.
  2. 12, 24 and 36 installments with 5% interest.

Sims 4 Bill mod


When Household comes into a new house, you need to set home services for your Sims. Home Services such as water, trash, cellphone, electricity, and the Internet. Bill mod will set everything to abode this change. The mod fixes the problems of households using older ENB.

Sims 4 SN Bank Mod

SN bank mod is to give real-life financial options in Sims 4. This mod features Mobile Banking, Online Banking, and Multiple/Single owner account. It allows you to Simoleon Gram- transfer money to another one out/In of households. You can send funds from the account at a set time-frequency.

Sims 4 ATM Mod

Sims 4 Bank Mod

ATM Mod adds the new mesh and self-contained object. SO you do not need Expansion Pack for ATM Mod. ATM Card from Zooroo’s allows your sim to carry funds. If your sim wants to leave family, friends or home. You can buy and sell for free at no interest.

Sims 4 How to Pay Bills

If it is due to property, then the pay Bill option will be available. If Pop-up is not visible then you will get an estimated value. This value will increase until it becomes 15% of the lot. Once it appears you have to pay 4 Sims week. Otherwise, the name will be on Newspapers and cause loss of reputation.

Sims 4 Personal Bank Account

You can transfer funds to your decisions with a personal account. To open a personal bank account go to Sims National Bank. Interacting with bank teller will give you the NSP option of Open a New Account. For New Account you have to pay fees of 50 Semolians from household funds. You will also get a debit card in your Inventory.