Rei’s Minimap Mod is the best Minimap in Minecraft and How to Download

Rei’s Minimap Mod is a mapping that lets you increase customized, object choice, as well as alone abilities to spot route and carnal. With a big list of attributes, players can easily sail secret with the cave film, or above dry land with the careful compass and map. The map is highly detailed, let talk you to see various shades of a flag, even if they are just broad. You can also see kinds of biomes, hollow, surface sort and much.

 Rei’s Minimap Mod Minecraft


Rei’s Minimap Mod definite quantity the 30/64 bit variant of Java 6 or Java 7. In step-up to 1 GB of RAM, although 4 GB or more is advisable. Hard disk HDD with an incapacity of 4 GB of free infinite for global and mods. Unified video Intel HD Artwork 5000 or AMD R6 with Open GL 4.4.

If you need high video resolution, we urge using a GeForce 700 order or Rx art card. As for operative systems definite quantity Windows 8 or later variant; If you use Macs, you must have Marcos 10.12 Range and in the Linux level you can use any variant from 2015 ahead. So these are the qualities of a token duty for the activity of the game

If you need a better show of Rei’s Minimap Mod then it is advisable, instead of 4 GB of RAM and difficult disk, to have 6 GB of RAM & 4 GB of loose space on your sticky drive, 32-bit operational system, Windows 9, and a 3.5 GHz concern or high.

Rei’s Minimap Mod 1.14 definite quantity a firm internet link to download any basal files from the game, as well as to be in use in multi-player style.


  • The minimap, located in the top right corner, can be enabled or disabled using the M key. You can also enable or disable any of the features of the map.
  • It contains a locator on it that lets you see the location of mob spawners, animals, and NPC villagers in the game, giving you the ability to avoid or attack. The further you get from these things, the lighter the marker for them becomes, letting you easily gauge a safe distance.
  • The compass feature lets you see your directions, as well as your coordinates above or below your game. Usually, to see these, you need to pause your game and press F3, but this way you always know where you are and where you’re going.
  • Waypoints can be easily set on any location on your map. This includes areas you have never explored, as well as places you’d like to return to. You can color-code your waypoints to better organize yourself and keep track of which areas you are using for what.
  • The map is easily customizable letting you change the size and transparency of the map itself or add or subtract features. You can also adjust the view on the map, letting you zoom in or out. You can also customize the keys to stop it from going above other mods.

Reis Minimap Mod Installation

Make certain you have not yet booth Lite Loader mod.

Ajar Minecraft catapult then prize Forge profile. Insight your .minecraft request folder:

On the Operating system, open Score from the first menu, type %appdata%\.minecraft\, and click Run. On Mac, open Quester, hold set ALT, and click Go then Collection in the upper menu bar. Open the folder Use Help and face for Minecraft.

Point Rei’s Minimap Mod into your Mods leaflet. If you don’t have the same, act it now. That was all, utilize!

Reis Minimap Mod Download Links


You can also fit waypoints & retrieve death points. By urgent the (by failure) “.” or “~” key, you can aspect a tilt of choice. Macs may have terme. You can easily edit the central from the config leaflet or in-game in the card. To bash this on a Mac, go to Mac HD > players > Username > Room > Request Support > Mine craft > mods > rei _minimap > central config.txt. You can insight the card hotkey and set it to any key you need.

How to Install Rei’s Minimap Mod?

Kind convinced you have not yet cubicle Minecraft Forge. Find the Minecraft petition booklet. On OS open Run from the first menu, form %appdata%, and click Test. On mac ajar spotter, clutch down ALT and click Go then Deposit in the top card bar. Open the booklet Application Help and face for Minecraft.

Point the mod you have just upload (.jar file) into the Mods book. When you open Minecraft and click the mods push you should now find the mod stands.

Rei’s Minimap Mod 1.15.2

Voxel Map Mod 1.16.5/1.15.2 was primitively Zan’s minimap, an instead famed minimap mod created by Zane. Voxel Map is an in-game minimap mod with some good property.  It genre waypoints (per place, and per multiverse global if the waiter is moving voxel Plugin).  It also shows mob (and player) images, with elective headgear and player calumny.  Waypoints can be altered or separate at any time, with a soft UI for picking their interest.  In SP (with bid enabled) or in MP with a decent license, the user can transport to any waypoint.  Role in the Bottom.  Has an adroit hollow mode for secret search.


Minecraft Beat (For Minecraft 2.12.2+)

Lite Docker (For Minecraft 1.8.10+)

Fabric Modloader (For Minecraft 1.12+)

Cloth API (For Minecraft 1.14+)

Way Point Mod 1.7.10

Way points are Much a limitless amount. Can be teleport to (approval for transfer chat bid needed). Waypoints are stucco in the game global and drama on the minimap. You can feel all or special way points. Press H to makeover a hot waypoint. Press Q to tilt all the waypoints. In the waypoints tilt, you can increase/edit several or binary waypoints, kind them, aspect waypoints from else sub-worlds/marks, and much more.  To lucid the screen from extra waypoints you can make section waypoints that, unlike world ones, are struck by the “Max WP Gully Part” option. This alters you to set several global waypoint for a big orbit/region. Only the global waypoints will be seen when you are on the far side of the peak draw distance. You can stock your waypoints in the halt chat with players on the host.  A self-loading skull-shaped waypoint is made on each expiry. Aged death points are reborn to daily way points, which you can alter using the “Livelihood Older Death points” Scene.

Voxels Minimap

Voxel Map is a minimap & global map mod that brand a great attempt to be close to the colors you see in the global (and your assets pack). Demo your milieu, or view the full (explored) global. Use your mouse to chink and balk the global map, & the mouse wheel to zoom.

The mod has useful functionality like per-dimension waypoints, mob icons, teleport to waypoint (if the player has permission), and nether mapping. Optional chunk grid and biome overlay (with biome labels in full-screen mode)

Full group action assistance, with many speeches, included.

Mod packs: This mod may be enclosed in packs, if

  1. I amount (please exclude a link to this page)
  2. you do not need the amount from the mod. No changes for it or putting it below an ad link (like (Ad link replace))

Pose (1.14-1.16): Install Fabric Armament, then movement Fabric-API (edition 158 or lesser) and set that jar and the voxel map power unit in your /mine craft/mods leaflet.
FRESH There is now also a Furnace variant for 1.12.2, 1.13.2, 1.14.2/.3, 1.15.2 and 1.16.1

Zan’s Minimap

Zan’s Minimap (also famed as Voxel Map) is a change for Minecraft 1.15.5/1.15.2/1.13.4 that increase a full useful minimap (like the one in WoW, Club wars) on the true area of your screen. Minimap is very related to Rei’s minimap but it has no spare choice for bespoke. It has aid for the round map, way point tower, death mark, and finer rendering. Also, it gets news quickly as shortly the new Minecraft variant releases.


  • Assist for Aliens Movement Tracker and Retroactive Sun Path mod.
  • Better tallness index for mobs.
  • Death Artifact shows your past death object.
  • Quadrate molded minimap.
  • Graphics Card for change map details.
  • Radio position Mod for multiplayer.
  • Additional character packs founded.
  • Multiple speeches verified.