Minecraft Not Enough Items Mod & How to Download and Use

Not Enough Items Mod is a mod that intact formula and other alone property into your game, and if you take to do so, lets you use pre-loaded part in Tare mode. With the inability to fixing yourself into any mode you select, you can keep yourself from using cheats, or usage areas as a test build or else always switch to fictive mode. If you hate to play with a lot of mods at the same time, this mod can also lick some ID battle with its special ID Shitting feature.

Not Enough Items

Recipe mod

This mode is the report it utilized so often. With tons of direction at your tip, it allows you to easily hunt the formula by repute or ID. You can also hunt for items in the said way just to get an aspect at them. To support yourself from unfaithful, you can just fix yourself into this mode, and not be unable to really load anything.

Utility Mod

This mode adds 2 more properties to the recipe mode role, allowing you to inactive hunt for recipes and part by name or BADGE. The extra features see Attractor mode, allowing drops to come straight to you (like a magnet). Delete mode spring you the power to cancel many options.

Cheat Mod

Although it Timbre like a bad action to do, Cheat Mode is Not Enough Items can really be bad assistive, without really cheating. If fanciful mode gives you trouble, or you just hate to control between modes all the case, then you might lack to give this an effort to test out builds or part. Cheat mode in essence allows you the power to cheat the game by giving you limitless blocks and part, affect the time, the upwind, and save list. You can also now switch into a fanciful mode, or mend yourself to full wellness in survival.

Standalone or an add-on?

Because of its evolution history, 2 clear ‘versions’ of Not Enough Items be. The variant for Minecraft 1.8 or berth can be classified as a standalone, whilst the interpretation for Minecraft 1.9 and supra are add-ons for Just Enough Items, other mod with akin functionality.

As a standalone variation, Not Enough Items is fully featured — it has the hunt bar, formula viewer, power panel and list saves, and it works on its own. It isn’t helpless on Just Enough Items to a role (in fact, Just Enough Items doesn’t even be for Minecraft 1.8 and above!), so there’s less surface too.

The add-on interpretation is a bit assorted. As Just Enough Items all overtook Not Enough Items in practicality and sympathy, most players control to Just Enough Items — but the fuss was, it didn’t have all the holding Not Enough Items had, like list preset good. Because of that, Not Enough Items 1.9+ is improved as a delay to be added on top of Just Enough Items, increase back those absent film.

Server-side and Client-side

Aboard the standalone and add-on part, there’s another all-important facet of Not Enough Items to see: its power to usage as either a server-side mod, a client-side mod, or as some.

The status server-side and client-side refer where, just, the mods test — whether on a player’s machine, on the host, or both. If you have a client-side-only mod booth on your reckoner, then that mod doesn’t want to be cubicle on a host, too, to be fit to use it on that host.

Much is the cause with Not Enough Items (and by the wait, Just Enough Items). If closet only on your has expert, it will run utterly fine. Positive, small form film will be wanting if it isn’t on the host as well — notably, choose who’s able to use attributes like its creative mode command, weather power, magnet mode, and related — but other than that, it will work utterly all right.

Not Enough Items’ features

Not Enough Items features’ will look on whether or not it’s cubicle as a place alone or a syndrome on, as the explained section.

As a stand-alone, Not Enough Items turned:

  1. Speedy and easy item list, with large sort and searching choice
  2. Recipe screening
  3. Drag-and-drop item increase, if cheat mode is change
  4. An admin bid sheet, allowing you to action world/server constant without typing in bid extremity — game mode shift, weather power and the like Thrifty and weight stock presets.
  5. Dynamic an item’s transport on the alert

As an add-on, Not Enough Items improve Just Enough Items’ practicality. By default, Just Enough Items not yet comes with point listing, sort, searching, formula showing, and item increase, but it lacks list presets and liking changing. By adding Not Enough Items on apical of Just Enough Items, these lacking movies are re-introduced.

How to install Not Enough Items?

If you’re positive and would similar to give Not Enough Items an effort, getting it booth and employed is pretty easy.

The facility of Not Enough Items will look on a few sections — whether you need to increase it to an alive mod pack, or if you need to pose it onto a fresh Minecraft facility.

Downloading Not Enough Items

Because of the interpretation quality, Not Enough Items’ transfer will differ, supported on the Minecraft variant you’re acquiring it for.

Minecraft 1.8 or lower

Head over to Not Enough Items’ download leaf and get the variant you lack. You can usage the “Game Edition” Bead down list to form by Minecraft type.

Download Tag Chicken Center and get the interpretation you lack, likewise to how you transfer Not Enough Items. Put these files in an easy-to-reach location. We’ll be needing them for later!

Minecraft 1.9 and higher

  1. Jut over to the Not Enough Items 1.8+’ transfer page and get the variant you need. You can usage the “Game Variant” drop-down list to kind by Minecraft variant.
  2. Download Code Chicke Core 1.9+ and get the variant you lack, likewise to how you transfer Not Enough Items. Make certain their congenial Mine trade variant lucifer.
  3. And finally, get Just Enough Items if you don’t yet have it.

Put these data files in an easy-to-reach object. We’ll want them for the future!

How to install Not Enough Items Mod?

  1. Make certain that your host is set to Forge low the jar dropdown. You can feat a session on dynamic server type here. Note that you want to run fake before you set the mods in, to act the mods book, and if you do not your mods will be recorded.
  2. Stop the host.
  3. To the near of the game sheet, click on FTP File Entree and tour into the mods leaflet.
  4. Click on “Transfer” then just balk the Not Enough Items jar you have previously transfer. 
  5. Hold for it to fully transfer before going to this page.
  6. Once NEI has download, mind back to the chief page of your power panel and starts the server.

How to install Not Enough Items from scratch?

To syndrome Not Enough Items to a modded Minecraft halt, you will first want to set Forge. Forge is a mod lump, and Minecraft won’t load Enough Items without Forge instant. If you’re certain how to put in Forge, we have an adroit leader on doing so exactly here.

After you’ve closet Forge, you want to open your Minecraft beginning folder:

  1. If you’re on the Operating system, estate the  Windows Trademark Key + P, then sort in %APPDATA%\.minecraft and click OK.
  2. For those on Mac, click ⌘ Command + S, form in ~/Collection/Petition Support/minecraft, and then Enter.
  3. On UNIX, issue the leading command into the end: cd ~/.minecraft

If you have not yet booth Smithy and mods, then all you status to do is increase the .jar files you’ve transfer into the mods leaflet. If this is the basic time you start mods, you might status to make a hot folder and repute it mods, then drag-and-drop the .jar record into it.

And that’s all! Once you’ve set Not Enough Items’ & its state .jar files in the mods folder, they will be syndrome to Minecraft the close time you outset it using your Smithy profile.

How to add Not Enough Items to a mod pack?

Increase Not Enough Items to a not yet active mod pack requires you to discover that mod pack’s start folder, then drag-and-drop the Not Enough Part .jar files we’ve transferred into it. Unluckily, the recent mod pack armament makes this rather cushy.

Curse Forge

  1. Unfastened the Curse Forge App and find your mod pack, then accurate click on its fingernail.
  2. Click Open Pamphlet.
  3. In the booklet that opens, mind into the mods sub leaflet.
  4. Balk and drop the transfer .jar files into the mods sub leaflet. Don’t write any files if it enquires you.


  1. Ajar the Technic Armament and go to the Mod packs chit at the top, then click on your mod pack.
  2. Click Mod pack Choice on the apical right.
  3. Fourth estate Open button to the right of the reference listing.
  4. In the booklet that opens, mind into the mods sub booklet.
  5. Drag-and-drop the upload .jar files into the mods hoagie folder. Don’t write any files if it bespeaks you.


  1. Ajar the ATLauncher and pilot to the Posture tab to the right of the device.
  2. Curl down to your mod pack and click Ajar Booklet.
  3. In the leaflet that opens, nous into the mods subfolder.
  4. Drag-and-drop the transfer .jar line into the mods subfolder. Don’t overwrite any hand tool if it ask in you.


  1. Ajar the Voidswrath Catapult and find out your mod pack.
  2. Click High.
  3. Click Change Mods.
  4. Drag-and-drop the transfer .jar record into the mods subfolder. Don’t write any record if it quests you.


  1. Open the FTB catapult and steer to the “My Mod packs” Bill.
  2. Waver your mouse over your mod collection and click on the 3 dots.
  3. To the apical right of the leaf, click on Ajar Folder.
  4. In the booklet that opens, caput into the mods subfolder.
  5. Drag-and-drop the transfer .jar files into the mods subfolder. Don’t write any files if it enquires you.
  6. And that’s each. Once you’ve with failure realized these steps, Not Enough Items will set up alongside your mod pack.

Using Not Enough Items

As a Standalone

Not Enough Items full kit direct out of the loge. To exact its menu, just unfastened your banal. You’ll become by the part looker. The fixing might face a petite bit assorted on your point, look on the version and cobble, but the layout and utility are the same. In case you act single contestant and your blind is away the tare and item formed switch on the left-hand side, you will lack to:

  1. Sound Choice on the bottom left.
  2. Click Stock.
  3. Form sure the 2nd option from the upmost is set to Cheat Mode.
  4. Click Globose on the apical right.
  5. Right-click on the X to the right of Cheat Status.
  6. And it will demo as knowing!

To the truth of the list is the bread and butter of Not Enough Items — the part and formula looker. It lists all parts, some from the basic game and from any else mods you might have a booth. To scene an item’s formula, just hover your mark over it and correct -click! If you’d similar to add the part to your listing or else, nigh -click it. Dynamic the counter on the side of the item looker changes the turn of items you’ll be donated.

To voyage through the leaf, you can either exercise the Prev and Next buttons saved on apical of the item list, or your mouse’s scroll helm with your arrow vacillate over the sheet.

The Item Set drop-down menu, saved on apical of the surface, lets you strain items. Left-click to change a part of a radical of items, right-click to alter.

On the apical left, you’ll seat an assemblage of tare buttons. If you’re playing on a host, these can only be in use by a cause. Vibrate over each one will demo its purpose as a tooltip; urgent it will reason it to do its role — for a model, set the world clip to dusk, affect the game way, or mend the player.

Too, underneath the cheat switch, you’ll deed a list of whole presets. By option, they’ll say Keep, result by their bit in the list. Push on Deliver will save your livestock loadout, and part on the planned button — now titled Load — will burden it rear in. To take a planned you don’t lack utility anymore, just press X to the lateral of it. For a waiter, this is also an operator-only role.

As an Add on

As an add-on, Not Enough Items block directly into Just Enough Items and increase back its tare and planned buttons. They’ll look to the nigh side of your stock, just as when it’s booth as a standalone, and do in the same way. Make sure to construe done our Just Enough Items leader! (Jus tEnough Items leader link goes here)

To reiterate

The tare buttons let you speedily enact some adroit bid, such as ever-changing the clip of the day, game mode, or curative yourself. If you’re active on a server, these are only useful by server function.

The preset buttons let for good and loading of list presets, so you can speedily go back and off from 1 list state to other. Likewise, if you’re playing on a host, this is also only useful by hustler.

Just Enough Items

Just Enough Items, often brief as JEI, is a part and formula display mod. It allows you to easy view, sort, and hunt through all of Minecraft’s part, far easier than with the in-game formula book — whereas the instruction book only lets you scene 15 items at a time, JEI can display you 100, all neatly sized by their role and source. Clicking on a part will either demo you all the way of getting it or give you the part if you have tare mode alter.

By plan, Just Enough Items is matched with any else mods you might have booth aboard it. JEI was planned with strength and sympathy in mind. Upon debut Minecraft, it goes done all of your mods and builds info of any new improvements, and they’ll be increase to the list of part and formula.

Just Enough Items use as some a host-side and a node -side mod. The server-side & client-side mean where the mod’s briny utility happens — on the host, on the player’s figure, or some.