Minecraft Storage Drawer Mod With a maximum capacity Showcase

When you download Minecraft Storage Drawer Mod in your system, you will get a virtual storage system for your winning dwells. In various capacity, you will get the storage drawer for the running game. 

In Storage drawer mode capacity of the drawer is from 4 to 32 drawer. This mod, you can upgrade it without removing any of old drawer. If you want to see which item is store in a drawer then it is simple, just right click on the stack and the item will appear. To maximize the drawer capacity you have 5 upgrades and 13 times you will get the opportunity.

Use these Add–ons, using it you can see how many items are stored in a storage drawer. Add-ons are used as the storage controller. These Minecraft drawers are available as wood storage drawers also.


Forge mod

Recently, Minecraft Forge mod is available in sources, download and upgrade game at version 1.12.2. 

In this version, you will get more features and facilities than storage drawer mod of version 1.7.10.

Forge mod is helpful to add the user’s custom version. User-created customized sources can be added here. So, you don’t have to download any additional resources.Minecraft Storage Drawer Mod

Curse mod

The curse is working as a launcher in Minecraft game. There are many launchers is available with helping them you can use Curse mod

Curse mod is free from any kind of Web threat, it is running into ad-ware so there is no chance to ad gets into it. 

Chameleon mod

Chameleon in Minecraft storage drawer mod is a chameleon library that is available in storage drawer mod 1.12.2. You can use it for render storage. Where rendering storage hooks are there, it helps you to store.

Chameleon Library has RenderBlock replacement, it is known for the TESR rendering process.

Minecraft Storage Drawer add-on like Redstone, Spotlight you can add externally after installing storage drawer mod.