Download Best Minecraft Mantle Mod Latest Version

Minecraft Mantle mod is a small library in itself. To make this library Boni, Slime Knights, progwm6, and mDiyo is the main character or we can say book sources.

To avoid redundancy in the development, Mantle mod 1.12 version stores the common code. Mainly these code contains inventory and descriptives common code. When you are using Minecraft Mantle mod 1.7.10 version, at that time tinkers construct mod and networks are required for the launch.

Tinker’s construct mod

Minecraft mantle mod 1.12.2 version is having tinkers construct. Behind the development of tinker’s construct, there is mDiyo and progwm6. But now after updates of Minecraft, it is handled by the KnightMiner and Boni.

Tinker’s Construct helpful to provide new tools and weapons in the Minecraft gameplay. Along with you will get aesthetic blocks and utility which you can drive while Minecraft gaming.


Patterns are included in the tinker’s construct. This allows gamers to make new tools from material like Obsidian, Paper, and Cactus. These materials are helpful to enhance the capabilities of the tool.

Minecraft Mantle Mod

Jei mod

Just enough item mod is residing in the Minecraft mantle 1.12 mod. This mod is constructed to focus on the easy usage, performance, and stability of the game. To use this mod you have basic controls and advanced control, with help of these controls you can drive jet mod.

Bookshelf mod

Bookshelf mod in Minecraft is made with the many reusable codes. With these reusable codes, you can make easier writing from complex writing structure. This mod is used for update and maintain several mods.

Baubles Mod

Baubles mod in Minecraft is like a small addon of the game. If you want any additional inventory then you can use this mod. It will help to create additional slots of the game. You can add 7 different slots by using Baubles mod.

For that, download and install Minecraft Mantle 1.7.10 or 1.12.2, whichever you want.