What is Minecraft Dungeons Secret Levels & how to Find All 2021 Levels

Minecraft Dungeons might look like a fair univocal hack and slash try on the surface, there is an act of secret levels, corner and crack that all help to render the game with much depth than one might at first assume. With that in the head then, we’ll be looking at Minecraft Dungeons covert levels and other invisible areas to aid you to get the most out of Mojang’s monster – sock Minecraft spin-off.

Minecraft Dungeon Secret Levels

What are Secret Levels?

Minecraft Dungeons Secret Levels are bonus cible that look on the map once unbarred. They can be reasoned as “side quests” as they are not truly affiliated to the main plot but they offer more calm and rewards.

These are unbolted by finding them in specific missions, normally after a thorough hunt around leery areas and doing some easy tasks. Once you saved them, a message will look at the screening point that you have unsecured a new area and it will be certified as one of the mission’s undercover. You can instantly return to housing if you want to try it out exact away.

List of Secret Level Mission

1. Creepy Crypt

During the Creeper Woods mission, after release the first habitant you clash, if you journey off the path noticeable for you, you can insight a switch, Urgent it opens up the entry to the Creepy Crypts. This will lock its foreign mission and will let you task its interior!

How to Find Creepy Crypt?

Revealed in the Creeper Woods story mission, the Creepy Crypt is actually bad easy to insight. Once you’ve blessed the poor, miserable country rube during the mission, there will be a way which will snake about to the nigh. Follow this way to its point and at that factor, you will detect a massive temple artifact.

Here, simply estate the button on the precise side of the entry door (it’s near the ground) in a bid to open it. Once inner, don’t bury to make sure that you act with the glossy on-screen map other the Creepy Crypt concealed level will not open.

It’s also meriting non too that all secret levels are added to your chief mission map, allowing you to entree them at any case after you’ve unbolted them. After first the door, you will have to come into the crypt. Interior you will feat a map. Picking it up and you will open Creepy Crypts! Mind, once you pick up the map, rabble will breed and onset! After open Creepy Crypts will make it unplayable on the campy map! This concealed area has tons of Beryl and other booty for you to get your custody on!

2. Arch Haven

The map to this operation is found internal a ship that can be saved in the Pumpkin Pastures operation. The said ship is arbitrarily made, so you might not discover it on your first play direct, and might take you a few attempts before it seems. Be sure to draft every region of the map just in a suit it does.

How to Find Arch Haven?

Arguably the most gripping of Minecraft Dungeons Squash Lea secrets has to be its secret Arch Haven concealed level. Still, like both the Soggy Cave & the Lower Temple secret levels, the Arch Haven doesn’t always look so fix yourself for dual play-throughs of Squash Pastures.

The method for find the Arch Haven secret level (forward you’re on the correct side of the RNG par), is that you should seat a winding way next to the side of a lofty fort in the basic half of the level.

shadowing this path will track you to a thief ship whereupon you must go to the lower decks and finish all the giants there to swag the map which will open the Arch Haven secret level. Info of monition though – if you’re troubled power to trip the pirate ship to do, don’t be demoralized.

Many players have cited the reality that it takes dual hours for it to occur, so if you’re set to find it, you power status to set aside a strong total of time (and patience) to get the work done.

3. Soggy Cave

Location in the Soggy Swamp mission earlier you fight the Corrupt Caldron, you can find other entry to a dungeon. Defeat the rabble inside and after increase right to a bridge, travel across and you will deed the map star to this secret level! Upon entrance Dingy Jungle, instantly check your explore and see if there are concealed to be saved. The secret room comprises the map to Soggy Cave seems casual so you can instantly start the mission until there is at most one secret point.

If you have not yet unbarred the Church, you will status at most 1 secret to being screened on the map for the luck of the Soggy Cave to breed. After going the first cave into a new field, you can find an entry to another cave toward the top region of the map. It will be soft to spot as it is the lone time other cave will be easy after the first cave.

How to Find Soggy Cave?

Soggy Cave is the secret level that is recovered in the Soggy Wetland, withal it is one of the more thwarting secret levels to discover as there is a fair sum of luck active as to whether or not you can really access it.

This way that you’ll likely have to repeat the level a just few times even after pursuing the manual below. Assumptive that Lady Luck is beamish upon you, to approach the Soggy Cave you want to advance past the demand zone in the Soggy Wetland. If the secret has been treated, the main way will stem off and lead to an all-new hollow just before the Imperfect Caldron boss of the Soggy Swamp. To open the Soggy Cave concealed level, just waltz in, flick the control and plunder the map.

4. Lower Temple

The map for the Lower Temple is unbolted within the Wild Temple. You can discover the way containing the map after opening up a gate with the gilded key. Once internal the room, light up the 4 pharos located at the maize to reveal a circuit that leads to the map.

How to Find Lower Temple?

Another one of those pesky ergodic secrets that don’t ever seem, the Lower Temple concealed level can be lost in the Desert Temple operation; forward you’ve been lucky adequate to lever it in the first place. If you are fortunate enough, the acting for right the Lower Temple secret level is jolly square.

Once you’ve paid the entry which can only be unsecured with the golden key, you then want to cut into the closed room where you’ll sight a trio of control. Simply film them all and the lift bridge will raise, allowing you to cop the map that will in bend allow you to the way the Lower Temple secret level.

5. Under hauls

Near the opening of the High block Halls mission, you can insight two armor on each side of a wary wall. One of the armor is actually a switch that will show an entryway to a secret room include a map to this secret level!

How to Find Under hauls?

No more ergodic secret level trim! Placed right at the first of the Highblock Halls operation, all you want to do is make your way behind the massive way until you observe a wall that has a set of shields affixed upon it. Simply act with one of the armor and then a covert door will ajar with the Under hauls map region. Once empty, simply act with the map and approach to the Under hauls secret flat is all yours.

The Secret Cow Level

The Secret Cow Level is a Secret Mission that can be unbarred by uncovering all of the Runes concealed in the Mean story Missions. There does not appear to be any covert in the Cow Mission, but we will tidings this leaf if we feat any. Treasure Box can formerly be found at the end of the big, spherical areas that the Cow Mission is made of, but no Box does every time. There is only one case of foe in this stage; Mushrooms. They pack rather a tool but are also lazy, so you should be capable to tool your way through the Operation if you have any good AoE transport or artifacts with you.

Minecraft Dungeons Secret Levels Dingy Jungle

Perchance the catchy of all the Minecraft Dungeons secret levels in the status of entree, to find the all level in the game, you want to make sure that you have all 9 of the grapheme from all of the chief missions. Once all 9 runes have been amassed, you’ll need to turn to the Camp hub global and go on past the house placed in the southeast. If you roll over there previously, you might have noticed a massive chasm that ventilated access to the else side.

Now, still, many springs let you safe way past it. When you range the new side, cut ‘tween the pair of rules and then take a nigh between a spot of trees which should take you to set a secret path. Keep tailing the way until you come upon a big faith which you should instantly enter.

Once in, go to the utmost end of the edifice and you should seat some sort of fixing with an order of scratch above it that light the character you have. Assumptive you do have all the character, press this fastener will then trip a door which will, in turn, give you with the explore for the covert level – a pleasing take on the cow level covert area that Blizzard’s Diablo rubric have long been similar with.

Minecraft dungeons secret levels DLC

The Panda Tableland is a new secret level that is unbarred within Grimy Jungle.

Like all other secret levels, you will want to discover the secret level’s map first at its connected level earlier you can come in it through the map.

Since the Panda Plateau is the Dingy Jungle’s secret level, you should first your activity by travel the Dingy Jungle done the map.

You can insight the mapping regardless of effort so you can play at the last effort for a quicker search!

Upon travel Dingy Jungle, instantly check your mapping and see if there are covert to be saved. The position of the map does not count as a covert so you lack the act of covert to be zero. If the figure of secrets is one, there is a full chance that it is a volcanic glass chest instead. Play through the charge until you get the Walk the Fastness objective.

Clear the clinical and change on through the vine tangle. As you go shallow to the dungeon, you will clash a lot of corrupt vines close to a small area with a gross nearby. Defeat the foe that will look to open the gate.

During the Fussy the Ravine objective, look up the treetops until you feat a Creeper-looking sculpture. Actuating it will do a horde of spook and payoff you with a dresser after. It is not needful to spark it for the secret to be. This just acts as an occasion.

Move fore until you see a hush-hush room. If a lot is on your part, you will find access to another region of the jungle, other you will get a volcanic glass chest. Scrutiny the area for 2 buttons and initiate each of them to lower the wood walls in the region that you might have not yet seen. After the bamboo walls are down, go on through the path and title your reward: the explore to the Panda Plateau!