How to make a Stonecutter in Minecraft

There are plenty of tools and resourceful materials that can be used in minecraft. Some are handy to level up your skills while some can help you to craft and build innovative stuff. Well whatever tool it may seem they are all pretty quite helpful in every possible way. They each have their own individual trait which can aid you in bad as well as worst times.

One such tool being the Stonecutter. It’s a stationary tool more like a big setup that allows you to cut stones. Cutting stones is one of the most important but time consuming processes. But with a tool like the stonecutter one can speed up the whole process to work more efficiently.

Minecraft stonecutters are not complex to make but the items and collectibles that are required to be assembled. That is a crucial and extensive process, but there is always an adventure in that. So pick up your inventory bag and hope on! Here is the most basic guide on how to craft stonecutter in Minecraft.

Crafting a stonecutter would require a furnace to heat iron ore than move on making the iron bars. This whole process will eventually be rewarded by us obtaining the Stonecutter.

how to make a stonecutter in minecraft

Begin with the Iron Ore

To make the stonecutter you just need one iron ingot and three stones. So inodere to reach this semi-finished item we need to start with Iron ore. Go to caves and you can easily locate tons of iron ores. We don’t require plenty just enough to make one iron bar. 

Mining your way down is the best way to find the perfect iron ore you are looking for. The surface has a lot of area to explore. You can easily locate the iron ore there and If you are having difficulty better not jump to the basics. 

Once you obtain the iron ore head back to your dwelling and now it’s crafting time.

Behind the bars

Making the iron bars is our next step. Materials like cobblestone can also be easily found among the caves, so better to fetch that too while you are still in the cave. Now we have a furnace and we are going to smelt the iron ore to create the iron bars. 

So smelt an iron into the furnace and just wait for it. The result will knowingly be an Iron bar. These iron bars are quite essential when  it comes to building heavy tools.

Cutting Stones

The last but not the least. What would be a stone cutter without stones? We build the frame from iron bars but we do need stones in order to make the essential part of the stone cutter.

There are basically two ways to obtain the stones; First is the easy way and depends upon your skill you are currently playing at. The tool is PickAxe with  silk touch. The silk touch PickAxe can easily mine stone for you that’s the easy way. 

The other way is quite crafty. You need to craft the stones from the cobblestone. See that was the reason I asked you to bring some Cobblestone with you. Smart Eh!…

Just smelt the cobblestones in the furnace and you will get the stone. The number of stones that we need are three here. They are enough and do that trick.

The Stone cutter

Every piece is set and we have pretty much assembled every item that was required to make the stone cutter. Now only the last step is putting all the ingredients that you stacked in your inventory into the furnace. 

The iron bar belongs to the middle of your crafting table, so particularly put your iron bar at that place. And place the stones that you smelted using cobblestone below the iron bar. The three stones should fill the three boxes.

The final product would be an iron bar. This was easy with the right guidance and knowledge you can craftsveral useful tools and things. 


Well there we go, the most basic guide for you to make a stonecutter in minecraft. Stone cutters are quite a helpful tool. With the stonecutter you can craft items related to stone and copper which will evidently be resourceful as you make progress in the game.

So let’s go through a quick recap. You need two particular things to make the stonecutter; One being the 3 units of stone and another being the iron bar. You will have to mine the cave to find the iron ore and smelt it using a furnace to create the iron bar. Next half is to create the stone. Bring some cobblestone from the caves, mine them, smelt them.

The last part does have a short cut. That is to mine the stones with the help of a PickAxe Enchanted with the Silk Touch. That Axe can easily mine the stone for you.

Get those three stones that you obtained and the iron bar. Place them on your crafting table. By that I meant drag them from your inventory and drop the iron bar in the center, the three stones perfectly lined up at the bottom. You have now efficiently learned the way or should I say master the art to make stonecutter in the minecraft world.

Minecraft is full of exciting adventures and learning is always fun. For more educational guidance please keep reading our blogs. Thank you for reading.