How to make a bed in terraria

From Typewriters in the Resident Evil franchise to Safe Rooms in the LFD2 franchise the gaming community has seen some of the most innovative and creative saving points. You might be thinking why I am talking about those saving our checkpoints, I know but to understand how important it is to make a Bed you need to understand what the beds are used for.

What do Beds do in Terraria?

How to make a bed in terraria

Terraria is an action adventure sandbox game that enables you to build, explore and go beyond what normal games are capable of today. The reason for it being so popular is that gamers are able to play it on various platforms. The Terraria Beds are a technical detail which has been functional in the game for a long time. They work as a checkpoint for the players to save the game and also act as spawning points every time the player dies.

Yes they are a crucial and quite interactive detail added by the developers to make the game more realistic. However they went a step beyond and now you need to make your bed just like real life to experience a nice sleep, pass the time and that assures you would be able to save the game.

DIY Beds

The process is quite extensive and would require numbers of items as well as collectibles but stay with us on this as we surely will provide some insightful information. 

There are several kinds of Beds and you can build them according to your preferences however we will show the most basic way. Learning the basic way first will make sure there are no errors or glitches that you encounter which can disrupt your progress. For making the basic beds you will need cobwebs and wood. Now where to find them, that’s the question, you will be able to locate the cobwebs in the caves and dungeons. 

For the wood you can cut a tree down with an Axe which is quite common. Both of them are the basic needs to create a bed, collect them in your inventory and let’s start crafting.

First let’s discuss the items that are required to make the bed.


10 Woods
20 Stone Blocks
3 Torches
7 Cobwebs
5 Silk and 15 Wood

Now let’s quickly recap what exactly we are getting into and what we will have to create in order to make the final product; A bed which can be utilized as a saving point. Sleeping in bed does the trick and to make the time pass quickly you can utilize those beds too.

Take a Seat on Bench

The bench where you will sit and complete your crafting is composed of 10 pieces of wood. It is known as the workbench. Open the crafting menu, use the chopped woods and select the options to conveniently craft you a wooden bed. 

Deploy it by selecting after completing the workbench and move on to the next phase.

Caution Fire Ahead

The furnace allows you to craft advanced tools and stuff that is necessary to eventually make bed. To create a furnace you will need 20 stone blocks with 3 torches and 4 of any wood. 

It will allow you to smelt iron and iron bars. Mine the stones from underground and stone blocks will be rewarded and to make the torches you will need some wood and one gel.

Will of The Anvil

Mining 15 iron ores and using a pickaxe to smelt the iron. They will provide you with another item that will come handy, the items are chains to utilize them with the Sawmill. 

The iron bars are smelted to create chains. Anvil is an important item as just like Sawmill it makes your work quite easier. 

No Massacre Sawmill

The SawMill is an important part of the used to craft furniture and The bed being one of the furniture you will successfully be able to create a bed with the help of Sawmill. 

To create it you will need

10 Wood
2 Iron bar
1 Chain

Now this does make your work quite easier, correct well let;s move on. The ingredients that you produce or manufacture using Sawmill and Anvil you will successfully be able to create The frame of your bed. Lastly all that reminds me is to create a comfy cushion for your character to take their first sweet nap.

Looming The Loom

The loom is the end result when you combine wood after making it go through your sawmill. Drag and drop the item in the sawmill you created and they will eventually take the form of Loom, the quantity required to create the loom is 12 of the woods.

The Next step is to create silk using the loom, where else you can get the cushiony comfort that every weary adventure desires right. 

Crafting silk is quite easy. You will need 35 cobwebs and a loom that will provide you with 5 units of silk. Combine the silk with the wood again and the last product that will bring a smile to any player’s face is the Bed.

Saving Point!

The bed can be placed in any room. Wherever you desire and sleep on it. Sleep on the bed and you will instantly observe that it will consider it as a checkpoint for you. When you open the game or die, you don’t need to worry about your achievements and records as you will respawn on the place where you last slept on your sweet Terraria Bed.

There are several combinations and if you are skilled enough maybe you will be able to create artistically crafty beds. For more updates please follow our blog and articles. Thank you for reading now, time to sleep.

What happens if the bed is destroyed?

You will be respawn to your default location.

What’s the dimension required?

The bed has a width of 7 blocks and the length of 5 blocks.

Material to use?

As I said, the basic bed is made of wood and Cobwebs. However you cannot utilize the dirt to prepare a bed for you.