How long is a day in Minecraft? You need to know (Command List)

One of the star attributes that play a large factor when enjoying Minecraft is the game’s day-night cycle system. This usher will give an in-depth thought. About how long is a day in Minecraft, view how to alter night into day & vice versa. 

How long is a day in Minecraft?

How long are days in Minecraft

To outset, let us get out of the style that time in Minecraft changes quicker than real-world time. Generally, for one full day to sheer in the game. It takes 30 minutes in actual time. 

Still, at any time actor can alter night into day. And vise versa when commands are acquirable. To enable bid, open the card. Select Open to LAN, then clink permit cheats. Then, if you need to alter night into day, type /time set day. For the afloat list of time commands find the list below.

Minecraft Full Day and Night Command List:

  • /time set 0: (Dawn/sunrise)
  • /time set solar day
  • /time set 11000: (Dusk/sunset)
  • /time set high noon
  • /time set hour
  • /time set dawning
  • /time set nighttime

In addition to a 10-minute time cycle, there is also a moonlight. The phase system is enforced in the game. Where the moon looks in one of eight various phases all night. Still, there is presently no specific command to alter the moon’s actual phase. 

Withal, using the command /time add 34000 will front the moon into its next form. Below you can seat all the commands you can utilize to a seat. All of the various phases the moonlight can look at.

Minecraft Full Moon Phase Command List:

  • /time set 172000 (Waxing gibbous)
  • /time set 168000 (First quarter
  • /time set 13000 (Full moon)
  • /time set 37000 (Waning gibbous)
  • /time set 85000 (Waning crescent)
  • /time set 120000 (New moon)
  • /time set 61000 (Third quarter)
  • /time set 124000 (Waxing crescent)

That’s all we have respect how extended is a day in Minecraft. We feeling you found the reply you were looking for in our guide. Before you go, we advise checking out some of our other ushers for Minecraft as well Minecraft Donjon. 

Minecraft New Moon

There is no expressed command to alter the moon’s form. But using /time add 14000 progress time. Only by one day toward the next form. To go rear one phase, using /time add 178000 progress time by 7 days. Also, this is one awash lunar cycle plus one moon state of matter. The pixels of the first quarter phase moon. And waxing gibbous moon presents a many rounded. Inorganic shape than the related waning phase moons. This presents a less squared-off quality. This can assist a player in regulating a slime hunt in a drench.

Moon Minecraft

Unlike the real-world moon, Minecraft moon is set in the sky concerning the stellar. Also, it is always opposite to the sun. Hence, solar eclipses are infeasible in Minecraft. Also, the lunar stage should be infeasible. But its phases seem as if lit from the northward or south.

Stagnant or flying at a peak above the terrain of about 2.4× the render distance. The sun seems paired to the moon in the sky. Making it seem nearly as if the player is in the blank. One Minecraft lunar repeat (from the awash moon to full moon) takes 3 hours & 20 minutes of playtime. This way there are more or less 7 lunar cycles in one real-world day (24 hours).