Fallout New Vegas Mods Free Download For PC

Fallout New Vegas is a kind of post-apocalyptic action role-playing video game. Don’t think that fallout new vegas must have mods. Which gives you a science fiction or science fantasy type of game playing experience. This game has its large player base and there are so many game mods available to connect with, in fallout new vegas.

It is a very popular game among the world and there are so many mods created to provide great gaming experience to their players. So we can assume that one can definitely find mod according to his/her need or requirement. In this article nexus mods fallout new vegas collection is also mentioned below.

fallout new vegas best mods are available here to share with you in this article. Here, we have plenty of best fallout new vegas mods for you.

Please find the top fallout new vegas mods with an awesome description below.

1. DUST Survival Simulator

DUST Survival Simulator

DUST survival simulator is the fallout new vegas mod for players who wants more challenging experience in the game. There was also a plage, After the war that turned the desert into an even less hospitable place. The place which is filled with men-eaters and tribal warriors.

There are no other quests only your mission is to survive as long as you can. Many phases of the game have been taken apart. That’s why this mod is one of the best fallout new vegas overhaul mods. combat is much harder, food and water are a major need. Remember! Only the toughest will survive.


2. Traffic


What if someone would have gotten a few cars and trucks working in the post-apocalypse. Just think what a pleasant experience that would be. This is pretty interesting mod from other fallout new vegas mods. You can’t drive these vehicles by yourself (at least not yet) in this game, but by installing the Traffic mod means you are going to spot a working car every now and then trundling around on the shattered streets of New Vegas. It sprinkles a nice touch of immersion to your travels.


3. TitanFallout


Power armour is interesting and cool, but the power armor from Titanfall is more awesome. The TitanFallout mod allows you to call a massive Titan, which will plummet to the ground. This will start attacking your enemies. Moreover, you can also climb inside and control it directly. If your Titan gets destroyed, you are able to produce a new one and can call it after half-hour later.


4. Weapons of the New Millenia

Weapons of the New Millenia

This mod delivers a large pack of weapons into New Vegas, everything starting from an AK-47 to a Bushmaster M4A1. This is a massive one among the fallout new vegas weapon mods. It’s a collection of Team Millenia’s brilliant modern firearms all in one place, and you may choose how you acquire these weapons by either through the use of cheat cabinets which give you everything for free or by using leveled lists that will require defeating enemies or purchasing them from vendors.


5. King of the Ring

King of the Ring

Want to do little boxing? yeah, King of the Ring adds a gym into the game and welcomes you to wear on some gloves and trade punches with a series of opponents. The modder jokingly here, claims to have added over a million lines of dialogue and 201+ hours of additional gameplay, it’s really an enjoyable way to punch the crap out of someone and get punched yourself.


6. Blackrow – It’s a criminal’s life

Blackrow - It is a criminal is life

Here, you can not only dress like Gangster but you can be one. Visit a new town called Blackrow out there. that’s controlled by organized crime. There, you’ll meet the man who is in charge then will begin working your way to the top of the mob, first by rubbing out some of the competition, then by raiding convoys and robbing a few banks, and finally, by taking down another major crime boss. There are good two or three hours of extra fun to be had with this mod, so grab your Tommy Gun and get blasting.


7. New Vegas Bounties

New Vegas Bounties

without a little bounty hunting, we can’t say it’s a western game. right? In fallout new vegas mods this is the one mode that combines enjoyable writing with excellent custom voice acting while providing a series of increasingly difficult bounty missions that will have you explore the map to hunt down various outlaws and scoundrels. When you finish rounding up those varmints, there’s even a second installment.


8. Nevada Skies

Nevada Skies

The weather in new vegas is too random we can say, it has a harsh environment as desert, unstable setting as post-apocalypse and etc. Nevada Skies adds so many exciting new weather systems to make every journey an adventure. This mod this used for fun as well as it satisfies usefulness then other fallout new vegas mods. You’ll undergo crashing thunderstorms, deadly radiation storms, smothering sandstorms, and hell-on-earth firestorms. It also provides other features such as darker nights, new high-def sun and moon textures, and better-looking cloud systems.

This new item in your inventory lets you to change settings until you create the perfect randomized weather system for your adventures, be it by adding a blood red sky, driving rain, or just a rare gentle snowfall.




Play FNV for some continues time and your mouse scroll wheel will maybe wear out and fall off. The interface was basically designed for console users sitting far from their screens, so the game’s fonts are far larger and the display doesn’t make the most of your PC monitor’s real estate. MTUI fixes this by fitting plenty of text on your screen and it also lets you see more and scroll less.


10. Realistic Headshots

Realistic Headshots

In most games, Shooting people in the head might kill them, and also getting shot in the head might kill you. Realistic Headshots makes this happen, upping the destruction to catastrophic levels when you score a direct shot the dome. And yeah, this is not going to make the game too easy: your chance of a headshot in VATS is greatly reduced but some monsters and robots will still be able to shrug off the damage. Wearing a helmet is a major priority because your own noggin is now far more vulnerable to incoming lead as well.


11. Project Brazil

Project Brazil

This mod represents a long time of work by many modders and creators. With a new Vault society, this mod takes place in California. A dangerous overworld to explore as you take part in a new quest and side missions. It’s in beta version right now, so there may be bugs anywhere, but it’s absolutely worth checking out if you want to feel totally new Fallout experience.


12. Goodsprings Shack

Goodsprings Shack

When most of the people of the world has died, surely the real estate won’t be in short supply. why is it so hard to find a free place to lay your head in this game? This mod adds a small, humble, perfect when you just want a quiet place to store your spare junk safely. Get a refreshing water drink, and grab a few winks without having to rent a room.


13. Food and Drink Health Bonus Remover

Food and Drink Health Bonus Remover

Suppose if what if you get die suddenly? This is a very bad feeling ever. Or suppose if you are about to die and you stop time and scarfed down insect meat, coyote steaks, and a handful of apples that completely heal your wound. This mod doesn’t mean that food always heals you. it also raises the cost of stimpacks and bottled water. You’ll die easier, but it feels a bit valid.


14. Run the Lucky 38

Run the Lucky 38

You’ve cut a swath of death and damage all across the desert during your game. Maybe it’s time to get slow down and build something alternately? This mod lets you Run the Lucky 38 casino, turning it into the jewel of the Mojave from a ruined husk. Hire manage your bankroll, employees, improve the furnishings, upgrade the amenities, all for an effort to attract more gamblers and customers to your growing business.


15. For the Enclave

For the Enclave

The Enclave is among the worst bad guys of Fallout for sure. You can also join the Enclave and see which thing makes them tick. A set of quests will be given you in the ranks of the Enclave. And will give you access to their giant underground base. you’ll also be able to enjoy the air support their vertibirds provide.


16. Immersive Karma

Immersive Karma

Maybe you’re eagerly hoping to do terrible things. Suppose you’re in a jam and want to commit a small crime in new vegas. Here, you’re fully aware that you’re actually doing something bad and you don’t want the game’s sad little electro-trombone telling you that it’s so unacceptable with your behavior. This Immersive Karma is a mod, that lets you shut off bad karma notifications, even if there is minor theft or major murder you commit.