Download Sims 4 Faster Eating Mod With Control To Make Sims Faster

Some aspects that were intriguing at first fade from interest after too much time spent playing the game. Eating and drinking are two such behaviors that, after a while, simmer describes to be highly uninteresting and pointless.

Sims eat at such a leisurely rate that it makes you want to nod off as they take longer than usual to finish their meals. In addition, after seeing them perform this a hundred times, it truly loses its excitement for you, and you just want to finish it. Now, you cannot do this without the Sims 4 Faster Eating Mods.

To learn more about the faster eating and drinking improvements and how to use them to relieve your suffering (or boredom, if you prefer), read this article through to the conclusion.

Sims 4 Faster Eating Coolspear

Faster Eating Coolspear is a tuning mod that alters the eating and drinking speed. In Faster eating cool spear the lockdown need is removed. The lower value for lockdown is added for passive eating and drinking.

You can set a maximum of 100 values for active eating and drinking. Your Sim can still do other activities while eating & drinking using this mod. you also, download a mod in the link


Sims 4 Fast Food Mod

In Sims 4 you can link the Mixology Branch of Culinary with Community Bars. This allows the player to mod the games for Creating Fast Food Restaurants. You have to Clone & re-mash the existing bars to look like Fast food counters. Link the Chef of the Culinary Branch with a New Fast Food Counter. 

This allows Sims to Show up for work when Bar is on a Community lot. Start offering Pizza, Burgers, Hot dogs, Tacos, etc instead of Chips & Drinks. Sims will start ordering Fast Food instead of Drinks.

Sims 4 Eat At Table

Sims 4 Faster Eating

Eat At Table allows your Sims to sit on the Table while Eating and Drinking. They can either Sit on a Chair or Take a bar stool for Sitting. While Watching, they will Sit on Sofas along with Eating & Drinking. The mod allows the Sims to Sit down while going for a Picnic. The armchairs can also be used for sitting if the Picnic table is not there.

Eat faster in Sims 4 with the Mika QuickEats mod

Similar to the mod previously stated, this module by cc author Mikya gives you more control by giving you options for various levels of focus that your character can choose to use while indulging in delectable food.

Now let’s get into the specifics.

Aspects of this CC

Depending on how focused your character is on their food, you can choose from 4 “flavors” or settings for this module. While a result, eating time increases as concentration decreases and vice versa.

There are four flavors:


Your sim will consume this flavor more slowly than the others, as the name would imply. This is the beginning of rapid eating if you will. The “base weight of passive consumption” is changed from 1 to 200 in this case. This necessitates some diversion and more time spent eating. Your character will still put food first, though. They won’t take any long breaks while eating, only brief ones hidden by animations and other interactions.


With small breaks for animations and other social interactions, this flavor moves faster than the previous one did. Here, the value of the “base weight of passive consumption” is changed from 1 to 400 once more. Additionally, your Sim will emphasize eating more than he did in the previous favor and will be far less distracted.


This flavor places a high value on food and would make your character an avid eater. Your character is given greater importance this time around thanks to a change in the “base weight of consumption” from 1 to 600. Your sim will still find time to talk and engage in other social activities in between, but only on a much less frequent and limited basis.


This taste is the one to pick if you want your character to mutate into a monster and consume food as if tomorrow wasn’t guaranteed. Your character’s primary priority becomes nutrition as a result. Banter is therefore not appropriate. They become intensely intent on eating when the “base weight of consumption” increases to 800.