How To Download & Install The Lucky Block Mod in Minecraft

The Lucky block mod can breed animals, colossus, else entities, and even construction. From jumbo to fireworks, limb to diamonds, the Lucky Block will spring you an elating content every time you tap it. From where to transfer Lucky Block to how to set up Lucky Block, this piece displays how to do it all.  Well, it is a beautiful simplex mod that adds an area to Minecraft which will, when you fortuity them, will snap you random wages. Erstwhile, these mortal are good. Still, former, they will be bad and reason harm to your global. That is what sort Lucky Blocks amusing! Thus, without any more pause, here is how to transfer and set the Lucky Block Mod in Minecraft!

Lucky Block Mod

Download & Install Forge

Just similar to most mods these days, Lucky Block is a booth using the Smithy Mod Docker. Forge is crack easy to put in, and we have a sacred tutorial on doing meet that! You tin go done it yourself by clink here. That teacher will walk you through all several steps of the deed Forge closet. Now there’s a block that forms metal worth defense. It’s called the Lucky Block, and can be traded with 4 gilt ingots and a pipet, and can also be a salaried course in your global. When you tap this block it will have a close chance of falling items, breed entities, or artifacts.

Download Lucky Block

Now, before we can set up Lucky Block, we want to transfer it. So, let’s go begin. You can transfer Lucky Block by mouse click here. This will yield you to Lucky Block’s site. Once you’re on this track, coil all the way down to the nether. You will see a ‘Lucky Block’ writing on the port that has a transfer button below it. Click that fixing, and you will be seized to the Lucky Block edition page. Click the chicken transfer link next to the edition of Lucky Block that you need to download. Lastly, you will be taken to the variant you need. There will be a transfer button in the apical exact. Click that switch, and that will first the transfer. You may want to keep/bar the file. It is 100% harmless!


Install Lucky Block

So you’ve gotten Lucky Block transfer, but how do you really get it closet. Well, this is really really plain. Just hit the OS Key on your device and ‘Q’ at the direct said time. This will ajar up the ‘Run’ plan. In the hunt box kind, ‘%appdata%’. This will launch the ‘Roaming’ booklet on your figure. At the precise apical of this folder, you will see a system named ‘.minecraft’. Open this booklet, and in it, you should have a booklet styled ‘mods’. If you don’t, just make one!

After you’ve wage or created your ‘mods’ folder, start Lucky Block is soft. Fair take it and balk and bead them into this ‘mods’ leaflet. After you’ve finished that, the mods are closet! We aren’t rather finished yet though. We still want to do sure that we choose the right edition of Forge.

Open The Minecraft Launcher & Select The ‘Forge’ Profile

To choose the exact variant of Forge, we want to open up the daily Minecraft catapult that we let know and love. From here, we can clink the green-up mark close to the ‘Play’ fixing. From there, deed the life styled ‘Forge’. Stop it, and then, click the large green ‘Play’ button. Minecraft should then set up with Furnace and Lucky Block stand.

Have Fun and Lucky Block

Praise! Lucky Block is now a cubicle! Have some amusive, habitus stuff, or put some else mods. We have over 20 various tutorials on start mods with their formal download links. We’ve also got instructors on start, hold up, and running Minecraft host. Thus, if you want to live how to do things in Minecraft, just lookup our site or chit out our Minecraft class for in-depth mod and server sessions!

Minecraft Lucky Block Mod 1.16.5

The lucky block mod is an absorbing but possibly withering add-on to Minecraft. It adds a Query mark written block to the game and once injured has a casual of breed something good or thing terrible. The factor of this mod is to give fresh use to a gold block of metal. If you feat yourself always furnished with metal but don’t always use it, this mod is for you. You can now twist that faint bimetal into Lucky Blocks and let Destiny end what comes dead. It’s a clean mod for a multiplayer host or fitness game maps but with how stochastic the solid carry it can be a dicey mod for your daily map. It’s suggested to either back up your map or make one generally for this mod lest you peril work cast-off havoc on your popular world.


Luck Levels

  • Lucky blocks can acquire assorted ‘luck levels’ if you set them in a trade table with the sure part.
  • The ‘Luck’ of a lucky block is displayed as a bar from 0 to 100.
  • The high the luck level, the more possible it is the lucky block will yield you something great.
  • Luck levels can also be neutral, 0 to -100. Neutral luck levels make golden blocks hexed.
  • There are 4 Lucky Blocks in the fanciful list. One is mean, one has a luck plane of 70 and one -70.
  • Lone Lucky Blocks with a destiny level of 10 can be built.
  • A tilt of items that feeling the luck flat is low ‘Crafting’.


  • Lucky blocks can now also make inside of customized artifacts.
  • The afoot artifacts are a crystal ‘greek temple’ artifact and a part of stone ceramic and bottom rack.
  • Lucky blocks in the edifice will have a lot of levels betwixt 60 and 100, but in the part, it’s -60 to -100.
  • By failure, there is a 50/50 lot a lucky block will breed on its aim or in a structure.
  • Lucky Area on there has a luck flat of -30 to 30.
  • Breed pace back to 1 in 200 per chunk.


  • Increase 100 fresh drops.
  • An edifice with 8 Lucky Solid (rare).
  • 2 Favorable Blocks. One favorable. One not. Prefer wisely.
  • A clump of various types of fish, with a fishing pole.
  • A dweller riding on apical of a pile of pigs.
  • A blunt silly message about sedate status and mushrooms.

Other Features

  • 3 various wish well artifacts. Chance in a coin, and seat which with you acquire.
  • 3 commerce villagers. They will crack you all the hot tools/armor/artillery at a reasonable cost.
  • Beast slime! Lanky than the trees! Old even a Rock Cube.
  • Lucky drink with a random optimistic personality.
  • Unlucky plash drink with random counter effects.
  • Broken wolves with various color collars.
  • Broken cats, with various color skin.
  • Appalled! It’s a Ghast.
  • A pagan amongst a gloom of bats.
  • Lovely posy of prime.
  • A crowd of liking books.
  • Some inutile, ergodic, and hopefully zany jokes.