Best Sims 4 Challenges Worth to Play 2021

To make the Sims 4 game more interesting and entertaining, try out these incredibly awesome challenges.

It’s been almost 20 years since the launch of the original Sims game. Such life simulation games can be boring if you have been playing them aimlessly for a while. Unarguably, the graphics, gameplay, design, and mods are amazing and have evolved over the years. However, you get bored with the normal Sims activities as it is an open-ended game. 

Challenges are a prominent way to boost your gameplay and explore different parts of the Sims game which you normally would not. With the challenges, the game becomes interesting as it is aligned to a goal. These challenges have been part of the Sims community for a long time. Each of the challenges comes with its own set of rules and requirements.

They are really cool and fun. So, we have put together a long list for you of nearly all the challenges so that you people can try them out. 

Best Sims 4 Challenges

100 Baby Challenge

The objective of this challenge is to give birth to 100 children in a few generations as possible. The challenge will end as soon as the 100th child is born or if you fail the challenge for breaking rules.

The 100 Baby Challenge being a classic one has been in the sims 4 series for quite a long time and recently has gained popularity resulting in people making more videos about it. The main goal of this challenge is that a single sim has to have 100 babies.

Multiple variations in this challenge make the challenge a bit easier to complete or even more challenging. To make the challenge more accommodating includes stretching the challenge over several generations, with daughters continuing the legacy. Ways to make it more challenging is not having more than one child per father and, your Sim is not allowed to do a job. Also, you need to achieve certain milestones before being able to increase the age of toddler, child, or teen.

Not So Berry Challenge

Not So Berry Challenge is a legacy challenge in Sims 4 created by The Sims YouTuber lilsimsie and her friend alwaysimming. Certain game packs and expansion packs such as Get to work, Get together, City living, and Parenthood are required to fulfill the objectives of the game. 

In this challenge, there are a lot of generations and each of them is denoted by a different color. For instance, in the challenge, the first level is denoted by mint color, so this sim will have mint-colored hair and must have the jealous and materialistic traits, be in the scientist career and work through the chief of mischief aspiration.

Each and every level is properly structured, so if you are looking for something extensively structured, this challenge is set out for you.

Rags to Riches Challenge

Also referred to as R2R, Rags to Riches challenge is a popular and exciting challenge. The main objective is to make your sim jump up to wealth from nothing.  Your sims will start from 0 and work hard to have a home and happy family. 

The main goals such as building a home, finding a job, and starting a family must be fulfilled by your sim. Start by achieving one goal at a time. To start the challenge, use the cheat console type and type testingcheats and then type money0.  This will clear your existing Simoleons to zero. 

You can also add your sim to any existing household and afterward move them to a lot by using the code – Split from Household from Manage household. 

The main challenges include the following goals – Build A Home, Have A Family, Aspirations, Money Goals, Family and Relationships, Skills and career, and Social and parties.

Black Widow Challenge

The players who are looking for darker style gameplay, this challenge is perfect for you. In the Black Widow Challenge, you will have a matriarch who will marry different men all the time and then kill them in order to steal their money. 

There are hysterical rules in this challenge where you can use all the death types to make it more increasing. Since there are different levels with different difficulties, the game gets fun and interesting. 

Legacy Challenge

In the legacy challenge, you start with a sim who is a young adult and lives alone. Then you move them to an empty lot of 50*50. You will love this challenge if you wish to play with a certain family for numerous years. 

You will have to use the family funds cheat to provide $1800 to your sim. In the entire challenge, you will have to earn money, get married and start a family, have children. Now the twist is, you will have to play this through 10 generations of this family on this single lot.

Decades Challenge

You will find the Decades Challenge similar to the Legacy Challenge. However, in the legacy challenge, each generation of the legacy has to have to go in a different decade that has certain rules that have to be followed to play as it is a decades challenge. 

For instance, you will be starting in the 1890s where there won’t be many amenities, you will have no electricity, and have wood furniture. You are not allowed to have woohoo, try for a baby each time. 

It consists of different periods through different challenges and it gets pretty interesting as you move to the current time period. 

Homeless Challenge

Life is unexpected several times. In this homeless challenge, your sim was out of luck who ended up living on the streets with no money at all. No one is ready to hire your sim, so you will have to find something else.  So start by collecting fish, picking up trash, gardening to sell fruits and vegetables.

You will have to work until you have 5000 in cash and basic home. Since you will not be getting any regular jobs as no one is hiring you, you will have to go through a tough path. Also, you cannot have a girlfriend or boyfriend and have anyone move in with you at this point.  So, there is so much to struggle yet this is fun!

Runaway Teen Challenge

In the Runaway Teen challenge, you have a teen sim you have no one in their life and they live entirely alone! There is no adult to take care of them and they have to be on their own. It is your duty to find ways for your sim to make money without being allowed to go to a job until you have a basic home, 

Your sim is not even allowed to go to school. If by mistake your sim goes to school then it is your duty to bring them back home immediately. Also, your sim is not allowed to talk to people who are older than them. So, you can only talk to children and teenagers so that no one reports you.

Asylum Challenge

In Asylum Challenge, you will have to create a household consisting of 8 sims. The catch is, you can have control over only one sim and let the other sims do whatever they want.

The end goal is to have aspirations and willingness in the sims to leave this asylum and have a life of their own. There are certain restrictions in the asylum house, 

Apocalypse Challenge

You might have always fantasized what life would be if the entire world gets wiped out. This can be turned into reality with the Apocalypse Challenge. Due to the atomic war, the world has been wiped out and your sim is not allowed to go out from their small shelter in order to survive. Hence, the main goal of this challenge is to survive this phase. 

The shelter is very basic with limited facilities since you cannot afford fancy stuff, it has to be the cheapest one!

Prison Challenge

At some point in life we all have imagined how does it feel to be in a prison. Right? How many hands are up for this? 

You can endure this journey through the prison challenge. Your sim will be put behind the bars for a crime they did not actually commit.  As per the rules, it is mandatory to spend 12 hours in jail every day from 9 am to 9 pm. Along with you, you will have 7 more prisoners whom you cannot control at all. 

Bachelor or Bachelorette Challenge

You might have heard about this famous TV reality show that is quite popular among the youth. The bachelor or bachelorette challenge is similar to this show. 

The main objective of this challenge is to have your sim fall in love with one of the contestants to have a good life together till the end. The main catch here is, the sims will be getting eliminated every 3 days!

Hotel Challenge

The Hotel Challenge is where your sim will be building and running a hotel on their lot. They then lock sims in the building. The fate of sims will be decided by you rolling dice to randomize events and finalize events for the day for them.

These events involve making new friends, woohoo with different friends, making enemies, killing some other sims, and having fun.  You will become crazy and lose your mind. You will roll dice for the smallest decisions such as letting a sim stay in the hotel or letting them go.

Living off the Land

Your sim might not be allowed to have a TV and a computer in this challenge. You will have to work in the garden to live off the land. Your sim will be an aspiring botanist who loves nature and likes to spend most of the time in the garden. 

For their stay, you can make them a small cottage with some basic needs.

Disney Princess Challenge

For all Disney lovers, this challenge will be fun for you. The Disney Princess challenge involves playing the role of Disney princesses in different generations. This princess includes snow white, then cinderella, and so on.

It will be like a fairytale. The custom content makes it more interesting as using them you can make them look similar to how they look in the movies. Different traits are there for each princess allowing her to choose and have things to finish before moving to the next generation.

100 Heartbreak Challenge

The people who want to spice things up and want some melodrama in life, then this 100 Heartbreak Challenge is great for you.  In this challenge, your sim’s must break hear of 100 people in their lifetime. 

You are not allowed to marry any of them, have a baby or try for a baby and so many rules to follow. I feel this one could be too much fun! In your entire life, you could feel like a youngster changing partners from time to time.

Mooch Off Your Neighbor Challenge

Mooch off your neighbor challenge is an interesting one. You will have to live your life at your neighbor’s expense. also, you will use their house to eat, sleep, bathe, work to make money, and anything else that you wish to do. 

You will have to take care of the other sims as they might get mad and not like you using their stuff from their home, as they have the power to kick you out. 

Big Brother Challenge

We all might have heard of the popular TV reality show Big Brother where people are stuck in a house with no connection with the outside world. Big Brother Challenge is based on this show. 

In the sims game, different types of sims with different personality types are put together with no source of entertainment, no TVs, books, etc. In the game, you will start eliminating sims till one sim becomes a winner and that’s when this challenge ends. This challenge is perfect for people who like to indulge in such reality soaps. 

Ultimate Survival Challenge

As the name suggests, this is an ultimate survival challenge for your sim. Your sim is not allowed to have all the basic necessities such as a house, a job, or access to electricity. Also, you are not allowed to use any kind of cheats. 

You will have to buy 50*50 Oakenstead lot. Your main objective is to survive with bare minimum facilities. You are only allowed to have a fish or a garden to have income. 

Bloodline Challenge

Bloodline Challenge focuses on the storyline and can be fun to take it up. The main goal of this challenge is to let one sim be a ruler of a kingdom and live this royal title for 10 generations. So, the main objective of this challenge is to make your ruler live for 10 generations.

Different objects are given in each generation. When you have children in the household, you are allowed to play with them until they become a young adults. After that, you will have to get rid of the.

Start by creating a new household. Create your own queen or king, and choose their appearance.

Whatever traits and aspirations you want, they can have them. If you don’t want to create a new sim you can download one using the #bloodlinechallenge. If you want to create a new sim please upload it using #bloodlinechallenge

Move to Newcrest or anywhere you like and choose the biggest lot and this will be your castle.

*If Newcrest is chosen then there are additional goals to be completed.

Devoted Grandmother Challenge

People who love to take care of their family members and elders will love this challenge. In this challenge, there is one elder sim who does not get along with her daughter who is married and has some kids. The kids do not live with their mother and are often taken care of by their grandmother. 

The grandmother takes care of the kid sims in all the ways she can by visiting them and fulfilling their needs to have them a good life. 

Bad Blood Challenge

For all the Taylor Swift fans, this challenge is for you guys. You will have to create a sim, find a best friend for them, and then turn the best friend into an enemy. And then, form a squad. You will have to get sims at different skill levels in order to fight the enemies and end the challenge. 

As the name says, it is a bad blood challenge and the competition is neck to neck.

Hired Help Challenge

Hired Help Challenge is where your sim has to survive their life by being house help in different houses. They will have to do the household chores such as cleaning, gardening, preparing food, repairing things, and becoming nannies for the kids. 

Based upon the work that you do, there is a point system that helps to gain skill quickly. 

Block Party Challenge

It is a block part challenge where the sims who love building will find this challenge amazing. You will enter a game world such as Willow Creek, Newcrest, or Oasis Springs to knock down all the lots in the world. 

After demolishing, you will have to rebuild the entire world by yourself! Sounds interesting right?

With very few requirements, you will have to build a new world, and everything will be decided by you. You are the destructor and creator of this world.

Going Broke Challenge

This challenge is not exciting for people who do not want to lose money, It is the opposite of all the other challenges. While entering this challenge, you will have a lot of money like a million simoleons. However, after 10 generations, you are supposed to go broke.

Raise Them Right Challenge

Raise them the right challenge is where you will have to create a female sim and find someone with whom she gets pregnant. Soon after her baby is born the mother and child gets kicked out of the finding out the baby’s father is married.

Since the mother, i.e your sim has no support now, she has to go and find a place to live and raise the child. Since they have no money, they have to struggle a lot in order to survive. Also, it is quite challenging to raise the child right in such circumstances.

Three Little Sims Challenge

In this challenge, you will have to create 3 sims that are in no way related to each other. You need to give each of them their own house. The main objective of this goal is to check the sims’ behavior. 

You get to control a single sim each day and can have this control on different sims each day. You can monitor how the sims behave when there is no one to take care of and monitor them. Also, you can choose a winner based on their behavior and work in their free time.

Astronaut Legend Challenge

The people who aspire to become an astronaut but could not become one in real, this challenge is for them. You will have a sim in this challenge who is an aspiring astronaut. He is different and smart from the other sims. 

It is not mandatory for them to have a home since most of the time their households are funded in the rocket ship. You will have to achieve and build specific skill sets to build a career in this field.

Homeless Author Challenge

For all the aspiring authors, the homeless author challenge is for you guys. The aspiring author has to live off home and work on their writing skills and write books to earn money from which they can get home. 

It takes a lot of time and patience to write a book and sell those books. So, it would take a while to get a house. It will take more than 100 books to be published in order to have a house. Be patient because, in the end, all of this struggle will be worth it.

Living Off the Grid

Living off the grid challenge is the same as the name describes where you will have a starter home that includes an outdoor bathroom and no kitchen. To earn money, you will have to live off the land. 

Cowplant Challenge

In the Cowplant challenge, you are trying to have your sim’s cowplant to be eaten by other sims. This is done in order to kill other sims. This is a smart way to kill other sims and use their essence to live forever. 

Parentcy Challenge

Parentcy challenge is fun for players who enjoy family gameplay. In this challenge, you will have to work through different types of parenting styles.

Every generation will have children and will work through different things (i.e., being a workaholic, being a single mom, etc.) and you’ll get points based on how well you do.

Masterchef Challenge

Masterchef is a well know show. This challenge is similar to the popular TV show. There will be contestants and judges in the show. 

You will have a total of 8 sims where 5 would-be contestants and the other 3 would be the judges. You will have to conduct different challenges to find out the best chef. 

Both the contestants and judges can live together in the same building and develop a relationship if you want them to.

Truman Show Challenge

The Truman Show is a movie, and if you have seen it then you’ll understand the concept of this challenge. 

You will have to set up a world where you can control everything, except for Truman.

There are a number of milestones to meet to satisfy Truman’s life and make sure he doesn’t know he’s in a reality show, just like in the movie!

Nomad Challenge

We all know what nomad means. The nomad challenge is where your sim would not get a real job and live in an empty space with nothing and collecting.

The objective of this challenge is to have a complete collection, a perfect dreamy garden that can be displayed in a museum to show off your collection,

The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat is required in so

Guardian Legacy Challenge

The legacy challenge comes with a twist. In this challenge, your main sim must find a way to work for the community in difficult times.

For instance, there could be a water and food shortage, hence they become a gardener to help feed the people and work for the public welfare.

Cult or Commune Challenge

The cult life is someone that not everybody wants to have. You can play this cult life without trying to adopt the cult culture in real. 

Create a group of sims who work on aspiring careers, developing skills, and trying to make their life worth it.

Immigrant Challenge

Being a new person in the world, you are considered to be an immigrant here. Also, you will be considered a temporary citizen. As you will be a temporary citizen, you won’t get jobs, so the only way for you to make money is by the retail system by the Sims 4 Get to Work. 

So this pack is essential for the Immigrant Challenge.  You cannot even sell off anything unless it is through a retail store.

Wolf Pack Challenge

As the name suggests, the wolfpack challenge consists of one sim with a pack of dogs and raccoons. There would be 6 dogs and one wicked raccoon. 

You will have to send the dogs to hunt for food and goodies by living off the land and collecting fish. You will have to keep on working until you have 50,000 simoleons.

Build a City Challenge

Building a City is a challenge where you will have to build up a city in the game and grow a population of people based on how many sims are present in the game, and you can unlock new locations and services based on certain metrics.

For instance, you can’t unlock access to adoption until you have a city hall, or you can’t unlock pizza delivery until you reach a certain population.

Clone Challenge

The Clone challenge is where you create a sim upload and save them in the gallery. Then you live through their life. Each time you start a new clone, you will start a new game and put your clone sim in the neighborhood. 

Once the life of the sim is over, start with a new save in the gallery and have a new life. 

This challenge is fun because you can do things that you never could. You can be anything from being a single sim to a married one with some kids. 

Dollhouse Challenge

For all the girls who always wanted a dollhouse, this challenge can fulfill your dream. You will have to build a house as it was a dollhouse. So, there would be walls on just one side of the house and the other side would be open so that you can look into the house. 

It is very exciting to build a dollhouse and look at it the entire time. 

Alien Widow Challenge

In the Alien Wido Challenge, you will have to put up the sims in your basement and let them starve. You will have to let a female sim fall in love with you and make babies with them and different sims. To do so, you will have to kill their husband sims. 

The challenge will be completed when you have made 10 babies with 10 different sim and had killed 10 husbands i.e 10 graves. In order to let the female sim escape, keep a rocket ship ready.

Serial Killer Challenge

In the serial killer challenge, your sim can bring random sims on the street and enter their houses. After entering their house, you can get rid of them by killing them.  You can starve them to death and kill them anytime you want.

Castaway  Challenge

The castaway challenge is where you will be living on an island in Windeburg. To make the island yours, you will wipe away the other families and houses so that it feels like a lone and deserted island. 

Focus on making money to survive and aspire to nature.

Alien Takeover Challenge

We have always wanted to know to do aliens exist in real? With the alien takeover challenge, you will be playing the role of an alien who wants to replace the entire world with aliens instead of humans and get rid of all the sims.

To achieve this objective, you will have to lock up all the sims in the basement, make them pregnant to get an alien baby. Once the baby is born, you can starve the sim to death so that the baby is raised up as an alien. 

Once the baby becomes an adult, you can have them moved to a different home which is all theirs.

10K Starter Home Challenge

The main challenge here is for the builders. Those who love to build can take this challenge. The 10k starter home challenge involves building a house for less than 10,000 simoleons. 

With a bare minimum list of objects, you must create this home. But at least one bedroom is required. The objects must include a toilet, shower, chair, table, etc. 

Random Genetics Challenge

Random genetics is when you create 2 sims with random genetics such as each part of their body – eye, nose, lips, and ears are randomized which makes them look unattractive.  Now you play with their genetics to create their child.

Now, you increase the age of this child and make it a teenager. You hope and make the child more attractive capturing everyone’s attention.

Expectations VS Reality Challenge

As the name says – expectation vs reality, in this challenge, you will have two houses where one will be your expected house and the other will be the one that you have in real which is less desirable. 

The main objective of this challenge is to build your reality house that is far better than your expected house. 

8 Sim Starter Challenge

The 8 Sim Starter Challenge is a building challenge for the builder sims. You need to build a house of fewer than 32000 simoleons. You are supposed to give this household to 8 sims household at the beginning of the game. 

Hour household must include a kitchen, a bathroom, and beds for everyone. The household must have objects that can entertain the sims.