Animal Crossing: New Horizons | Best Popular Villagers Ranked

For many reasons, the Animal Crossing franchise is deserving of its legendary position. But it’s difficult to dispute that a large part of the series’ longevity. Also, it may be attributed to the distinctive characters of its villagers.

The excitement of inviting that one villager you’ve been looking for to your Animal Crossing home. That also frequently ranks among the finest gaming moments. Despite the franchise’s seeming lack of typical gameplay elements. Anyone who has played these games for any length of time will tell you. About their favorite villagers and how fondly they remember their time with them.

Because there’s no way you’ll persuade those fans that anyone. But their favorite villagers are the best in Animal Crossing. We humbly propose that these 20 symbols rank among the franchise’s greatest neighbors.


animal crossing villager Ribbot

While this long-time Animal Crossing inhabitant is typically labelled as one of the few “non-animal” animals in the series. He defies society’s preconceptions by blurring the arbitrary boundary between frog & robot.

You might be concerned about Ribbot’s decision, like his frog comrades. To never carry an umbrella when it rains, but the character’s rally cry of “Never rest, never rust”. It says everything you need to know about his tenacity. We can only hope that when robots take over the world. They have Ribbot’s heart and grace.


animal crossing villager Mira

Mira has been winning our hearts since she first appeared in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. With her “big sister” charm, futuristic vibes & new insistence on calling everyone “cottontail.”

Nobody knows where Mira came from or where she’ll go, much like Cotton Eye Joe. Her thought bubble cry of “I want a futuristic space with futuristic furniture!. It will, nevertheless, reverberate for all eternity.


animal crossing villager Lobo

Lobo, the outdoor-loving wolf with a heart of gold. It is somewhere between Ernest Hemmingway & the grumpy old guy you grew up next to. Certainly not in gold.

I’m not sure what it is about this grumpy purple wolf that screams so loudly to my soul. But he’s always been one of the wolves I’ve wanted in my town. And by my side since the beginning of Animal Crossing.


animal crossing villager Knox

Maybe it’s because I have a strange case of chicken blindness. But I don’t see a chicken when I look at Knox; I see a gallant knight.

Although his days as a “Man of La Mancha” are over, Knox’s ability to become mediaeval in the Animal Crossing series. It has been admired since his introduction in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. People from the city.


animal crossing villager Lionel

Lionel’s fleeting resemblance to Colonel Sanders of KFC fame wins him bonus points. As does his gentlemanly attitude but I associate Lionel with class.

After all, in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Lionel upgraded his tasteful Victorian home to a skyscraper penthouse. And in New Horizons, Lionel upgraded his tasteful Victorian home to a skyscraper penthouse. He is our cultural superior in every sense. Because he is a lion who isn’t afraid to keep up with the times.


animal crossing villager Chief

It’s easy to believe Chief is the jerk that his cantankerous disposition suggests he is. With his famous quote “Don’t wish it were easier. This wish you were better” & his rally cry of “harrumph.”

Chief’s thrift store decor in New Horizons, on the other hand, suggests that he is an ’80s dance movie protagonist. Also with the fire of the streets burning in his soul. Ready to burn down the stuffy world he was born into.


animal crossing villager Marina

Some Octopuses compress the globe with their eight tentacles. Taking eight times more than they’ll ever need. Others use them to warm society with a pleasantly mushy, slightly tight embrace. Marina exemplifies the latter. Since its introduction in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. This homage to joy has been brightening up Animal Crossing village & we wouldn’t have it any other way.


animal crossing villager Beau

Beau is a mystery. He’s a slacker villager noted for sayings like “You sleep, you lose.” Is this a dejected deer on the edge of a nervous breakdown because of the untrodden paths?

Beau, it turns out, is just a naturalist whose endearing nature. And good looks have made him accept a simpler way of life. He also has some incredible sweaters.


animal crossing villager Lucha

Lucha, the mystery masked wrestler that has graced many a lucky Animal Crossing players’ towns. It emerges from the top rope like the Macho Man on a vengeance mission against the wicked Hulk Hogan.

We don’t know much about the bird behind the mask. But Lucha’s friendly demeanor suggests that wrestling is merely a job for him. He’d rather go on his way after it’s over.


animal crossing villager Raymond

It’s tempting to despise Raymond following his meteoric rise in New Horizons. But since I believe Raymond is motivated by “haters”.  I’ll counter his strategy by welcoming him into the ranks of Animal Crossing’s top villagers. Raymond, who is somewhere between a business cat and a fashion cat. It would devour Wall Street’s Gordon Gekko in the same manner. So many other cats before him have devoured so many geckos.


animal crossing villager Zucker

I suppose you could say I’m predisposed in my fondness for one of Animal Crossing’s few octopus villagers. Because I’m a fan of the Japanese delicacy “Takoyaki,”. From which Zucker’s original Japanese name (Takoya) & portions of the character’s design are taken.

Zucker’s entire demeanour, however, goes in the face of the fact. So that takoyaki is made out of fried dough balls loaded with minced octopus meat. Also, I have no choice but to revere this king of the people.


animal crossing villager Whitney

Whitney may come across as a snobbish villager with a superior attitude. But it’s possible that your true issue with her is that she’s a class act with enough flair to spare. Whitney doesn’t play and most likely dropped out of school. Just because of recess, like a wolf who is adamant about not crying wolf.


animal crossing villager Fauna

I’m not claiming Fauna is this high on the list just. Because she’s a deer who calls everyone “dearie,”. But I’m also not going to insult your brain by pretending it didn’t have a role in this selection. Fauna’s warm sentiments, classic decor, and obviously cute design. On the other hand, help her stand out from some stiff competition.


animal crossing villager Beardo

While we’re all sick of folks whose personalities are defined by their facial hair. We’d probably be a bit more ready to put up with it. If their facial hair was nearly as good as Beardos.

Although this ladies’ man bear lacks a genuine beard, his mutton chops, goatee. And tweed jacket gives him a style that makes it easier than ever to forgive his arrogant demeanour. He lacks eponymous facial hair and loves everything he is.


animal crossing villager Chevre

Chevre is a dreamer in a goat’s body, as seen by her brilliant large eyes. This has caused lifelong foes to halt their feuds.

Chevre is the kind of peasant for whom you’d go to great lengths. While she’d probably never ask you to do anything other than live your best life. I’d be up at 3 a.m. to meet Chevre in Manhattan. And assist her in stealing some gems as easy as she captured our hearts.


animal crossing villager Merengue

Many villages make it to this elite list (some would say the most prestigious list) for a variety of reasons. But Merengue’s reasons are nearly entirely dependent on her recognizable appearance. Merengue embraces her looks as the best “food” villager. In Animal Crossing history by baking up a storm every time you visit her cafe-themed home. She’s the kind of friend we all want in our lives. If only because she always has a delicious roll on hand.


animal crossing villager Stitches

Do I have any questions regarding how Stitches (a seemingly stuffed animal who frequently visits Animal Crossing communities)? It came to life and achieved sentience? No, I don’t, since I don’t doubt the positive aspects of my life.

Stitches are one of the most visually memorable characters in Animal Crossing history. As well as one of the few characters who, while appearing in every AC game. This retains a sense of mystery.


animal crossing villager Marshal

This hapless squirrel has long been one of the most coveted villagers in Animal Crossing’s history. Millions of players around the world shout into the night. Assuring him that he does care because they care, hidden behind those “I don’t care” eyes.

Marshal is one of the coolest fiber in AC history, as well as one of the quality. Who taught players that some villagers are more coveted than others.


animal crossing villager Bob

According to popular belief, Bob was the very first Animal Crossing villager developed by the series’ creators. If that’s the case, I applaud them for having the fortitude. Just to keep creating despite obtaining near-perfection.

Bob has long been one of the hottest Animal Crossing hamlets on the internet. And the fact that so many views of his attribute appear to cater to the internet taste. Only for memes doesn’t help his iconic point. He’s a legend whose legacy outweighs even his in-game abilities.


animal crossing villager Lucky

Lucky has to be considered one of the best Animal Crossing villagers ever. If the best Animal Crossing villagers are defined by the ways they let their personalities. To emerge through relatively simple techniques. This unusual dog. Who is apparently covered in bandages owing to various injuries? Accepted his new look by adopting a horror motif. Which has made him a fan favorite among horror aficionados across the world. Any island would be fortunate to have this fabled dog as a resident.