Animal Crossing: New Horizons Cheats and Codes

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a surprising amount of unlockables & secrets for such a relatively easy game. Here’s how to get additional resources in Animal Crossing: New Leaf for Nintendo Switch. As well as other Animal Crossing cheats.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Best Cheats and Codes

Unlock Golden Tools

The items for golden tools can be unlocked by following the below steps:

Golden Tool Requirements
Golden ShovelSave Gulliver 20 times.
Golden Watering CanGet your island to 5 stars.
Golden Sling ShotShoot 301 balloons to make a golden balloon appear, then shoot it.
Golden NetCollect all insects for the museum.
Golden AxeBreak 101 axes of any type.
Golden RodCollect all big and small fish for the museum.

Unlock Sable Secret Patterns

Sable, a shy hedgehog, may be found in the back of the Able Sisters boutique. To receive a set of patterns that you can apply to goods, talk to her every day for 7-10 days in a row. Return every day to receive a total of ten sets, each with 20 patterns. Open the item customisation page. Then select the new Pattern option to add a pattern to an item.

How to Get More Resources From Rocks?

You can use an exploit to ensure that you always acquire the most resources from each rock. Place yourself next to the rock and dig a hole behind you. When you hit the rock, the hole will keep you from falling back. Then it allows you to keep hammering and collecting as many items as possible.

Make a Villager leave

If you complain to Isabelle about a certain villager, they will not depart. Making people feel unwelcome is the only way to accomplish this. Instead of starting talks with unwelcome villagers, hit them with your net. Then run into them to enrage them. Wait until you see a thought bubble appear above their head. Just before approaching them and encouraging them to go. The villager will leave the next morning, leaving an empty lot behind.

Messy Hair Egg Ester

If you want to view an Easter egg, don’t play the game for 30 days. Your character will have bed hair when you resume your save file. Along with, You’ll be able to choose this hairdo. Whenever you want from the mirror after that.

Time Travel Cheat

Because time in Animal Crossing is based on the internal clock of your console. Also you can alter the date settings on your Switch to fast-forward or rewind time. Your island, for example, will be refreshed with fresh things. Then resources if you advance the clock one day.

This method can be used to speed up the construction of buildings. And other jobs that take time. However, if you go too far into the future, your island will be overrun by plants and bugs. Then forcing inhabitants to flee.

Find Star Fragments

Keep an eye out for shooting stars in the sky at night. If you spot one, put down whatever you’re holding, gaze up & press A to make a wish. The star bits can be collected from the shore the next morning.

How to Get Free Furniture from Tree?

When you shake two random trees in your town. Also at least one tree on each Mystery Island every day, they will drop furnishings. If you hit the tree with an axe, it won’t work. So shake every tree before chopping it down. Fruit trees don’t drop furniture. Then don’t bother with them if you’re looking for that.

Hemispheres and Critters

You are asked to choose which hemisphere you live in at the start of the game. This decision will have an impact on the seasons’ trajectory. Because various species come in different seasons. But you’ll need to play the game all year to catch them all. You can acquire critters that would otherwise take months to arrive. If you visit another player’s town and they live in a different hemisphere.

Where to Get your Island to Five Stars?

To make your island better, follow Isabelle’s instructions. To keep your tenants pleased. Then she might advise you to add more furniture, plants, or bridges. Talk to her for the next idea every time you contribute something new.

There is no precise number of each item required to earn five stars. But at least one decoration must be placed in each square on the map. You won’t have to wait until the next day to see a rise in your rating if you match the standards.

The decorating covering is the most important factor in elevating an island from four to five stars. On your mini-map and big map, each white checkered square represents an area.

To earn five stars, you must place at least one decoration in each square on the map. Including the rocky sections at the map’s top corners and all of the beaches. After that, all you have to do is have enough total decorations, villagers. And amenities to raise your island’s hidden point score above a particular level & get five stars.

Get Easy Money

Every day, when you strike a random rock in your town, it will drop bells. So apply the strategy above to earn the most bells possible. Keep an eye out for gold-colored glowing fractures in the earth as well. If you come upon one, dig it up to find a bag of bells. A money tree will sprout with three bags of bells containing the same amount. Also if you bury a bag of bells (any amount would do) in the glowing hole.

If you hit a randomly chosen rock in your town with your shovel every day, it will create bells. You can hit it up to eight times, with each strike yielding higher prizes. Make sure you dig trenches behind your character ahead of time. Then they don’t get knocked backwards when they hit the ground.

You will dig out a bag of bells when you see a blazing gold fracture in the ground. If you bury a bag of bells in the glowing hole, it will grow into a money tree. Also with three bags of bells on it that are each equal to the amount placed when it is completely grown. Note that if you plant a bag with more than 20,000 bells in it. The bags on the tree may only have 20,000 bells.

How to Unlock All Locations?

Finish the following events to unlock each location:

Nook’s Cranny UpgradeSpend 210,000 bells at Nook’s Cranny & play the game for at least 29 days.
Resident Service BuildingBuild houses for 3 villagers.
Museum UpgradeBuy Redd’s painting for 4,880 bells when he comes to town & give it to Blathers.
Able Sister’sPurchase 4,000 bells worth of clothes from Mabel at Nook’s Cranny, then keep talking to her whenever she’s in town.
Nooks’ CrannyGive Timmy 20 pieces of regular wood, hardwood, softwood, and iron nuggets.
Museum Donate 14 fish, bug, and fossil specimens to Blathers.